Is Louis Walsh Returning To ‘The X Factor UK’?

louis walshJack Tomas | Talent Recap

Yeah, you read that right. The troubled British talent show is in talks to bring original judge Louis Walsh back on for the all-star edition. This comes only a year since producer Simon Cowell fired Walsh.

Louis Walsh was on The X Factor from the start when it began in 2004. Except for a brief three year period, he was a mainstay on the show along with Simon and Sharon Osbourne. It’s not exactly a secret that The X Factor‘s ratings have been circling the drain for a while. So, Simon thought that if he changed the panel, it would attract more of an audience. That’s when he got rid of Louis and Sharon and replaced them with Robbie Williams and Ayda Field. That lasted one season until they recently said they were done. Simon Cowell has announced he is doing an all-star edition of the show later this year, similar to what he did with AGT: The Champions here in the states. Louis Walsh was asked if he was considering returning to the show and he said, “I’m speaking to Simon. Let’s see”.

OK, so that’s not much to go on but it shows that they are in negotiations. He also said he would love former judge Sharon Osbourne to return as well. We’ll see if that’s possible. She was pretty pissed about being kicked to the curb. But like many things in entertainment, old grudges are buried by fat checks. I for one love Louis and hope he does return. All of these changes Simon has made for the show haven’t led to an improvement in the ratings. If anything they are getting worse. A lot of people are doubtful that any of this will actually save the show. Maybe it’s time to take the show out back and shoot it like Old Yeller, Simon.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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