Is Katy Perry Pregnant? Watch and Decide For Yourself

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Is Katy Perry pregnant?! The American Idol judge teased her new music video on social media, and fans are speculating that she might be expecting. The video definitely looks like it might confirm the news.

The new song is called “Never Worn White,” and Katy will be chatting about it with fans on YouTube at 8:30 pm PT before the video premieres tonight at 9 pm PT.

Is Katy Perry Pregnant In Her New Video?

The teaser for “Never Worn White” shows three shots of Katy. In one of them, she can be seen wearing a white gown and holding her stomach, which looks like it could have a baby bump.

The song’s title and the fact that she’s wearing a white dress suggest that the track will be about her upcoming wedding to Orlando Bloom. But could it also be her way of announcing that she’s expecting a baby? A lot of fans seem to think so.

One user suggested that she might be “temporarily leaving” music due to her pregnancy, and this is her way of announcing it. Another fan declared that her possible pregnancy would “save [the] pop industry.” Others were simply eager to find out the truth.


Of course, it’s possible that this is just a method of getting people to watch the music video with a tantalizing shot. Maybe the video will have nothing to do with pregnancy, or maybe she’ll just be playing a pregnant persona.

Pregnancy Rumors Have Followed Katy For A While

This isn’t the first time people have speculated about Katy being pregnant. Several years ago, she wore a necklace with the word “mom” on it, leading tabloids to speculate that she was expecting.


When Katy and Orlando postponed their wedding last year, tabloids speculated that it was because they wanted to start a family. There were even rumors that Katy had a baby bump at the premiere of Orlando’s series Carnival Row.

Katy is a future stepmom to Orlando’s son Flynn. She said last year that helping to take care of him has “matured me.” So is she ready for a child of her own? Hopefully tonight’s video premiere will confirm that.


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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