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Is French Montana CAUGHT On Video Hitting A Woman & Getting The Ultimate Revenge From Her?

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French Montana has been talking a lot about going hit for hit with other rappers lately but he did not mean it literally. A recent video that surfaced on the internet showed a man hitting a women who eventually hit him right back. People could not help but point out that the man looks exactly like the rapper.


People Called Rapper French Montana, “Pathetic”

Of course, celebrities always have doppelgängers or people that look just like them. That is probably why celebrity impersonators are hired for parties and often confuse fans. In this particular video, a man sporting a dark beard and dark hair is seen arguing with a woman. It seems like they are arguing about the fact that the woman’s mother does not like the man. You can see the man strike the woman with what looks to be a cellphone in his hand. She goes and hits him right back, in fact, she hit him so hard that he fell to the ground.


“I ate that sh*t,” he says after taking a nasty fall. He honestly looks like he might have a concussion. “Do it again” he says as he finally gets up from off the ground. First of all, who was filming this confrontation? They should have just stepped in to put an end to it. One Twitter user said “This mf French Montana is pathetic. Dude really slapped this girl and got hit twice as hard back.” Another Twitter user said, “When you tell French Montana he ain’t got no hits.” It seems like a common comment referenced French saying that he has more hits than Kendrick Lamar which turned the internet into a frenzy last month. “French Montana trippin ever since they said he ain’t got hits,” one tweet said. If you look closely, the man honestly does look a lot like French.

People Pointed Out That It Actually Wasn’t French Montana

One comment on Twitter asked, “Is this legit?” Of course, people were quick to point out that it actually isn’t French in the video. “Sh*t isn’t him,” said one Twitter comment. “Not French Montana, I said the same thing,” said another.


According to a few Twitter comments, there is more to the story. The real story of the video actually is that the man is drunk and acting belligerent. When people are drunk they definitely act differently and he was taking his frustration out on the woman he is with. Apparently, he was trying to knock her phone out of her hand and not actually hit her. One thing that many other Twitter comments pointed out is that there are kids’ toys on the floor of the living room that the people are standing in. This implies that there is a kid present in the house. No child should witness this kind of domestic violence in their house because it is damaging and not healthy.

Debunking The Video That People Thought Was French Montana

There are several obvious factors to put the assumption that French is in this video to rest. French Montana 6’3″ which is way taller than the man in the video. The man in the video is actually shorter than the woman. Another obvious thing to point out is that they are in a very small living room. The rapper recently listed the mansion that he purchased from Selena Gomez for close to $7 million. That is a lot of money and we know for a fact that French lives in a huge house with a living room that is probably bigger than a movie theater. Just take a look at the dining room of his former house. It’s huge, and the point is, French lives lavishly.


French is also not dating anybody so he is free from having arguments or tiffs like this with a partner. His last known relationship was in 2018 with Basketball Wives castmember Evelyn Lozada. Not to mention, French does have one child who is 10 years old, so there would be no reason for him to be playing with baby toys like the ones scattered on the floor in the video.

After all of this detective work, it’s safe to say that French Montana did not go hit for hit with the woman in this video. However, he continues to throw shade at other artists as he claims he has more hits than them.

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