Fans are WRONG About the Tree on ‘The Masked Singer’— Here Is How We Know!

Kyle Montplaisir
|4 weeks

Articles online about the Tree’s identity on The Masked Singer are all over the place. From celebrity chefs to actresses to comedians, the Tree has many viewers stumped!

But we know who it is and we have the clues to prove it. Everything lines up perfectly! So if you want to know the truth, keep reading. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Tree performs “Think” by Aretha Franklin on The Masked Singer

The Internet and the Media’s Most Popular Guesses

People all over the Internet have been confused by who the Tree really is. Good Housekeeping thinks it’s either Padma Lakshmi, Rachael Ray, or Brenda Lee. Cosmopolitan‘s first guess is Paula Deen. Country Living has guessed either Candace Cameron Bure, Ree Drummond, Martha Stewart, Kris Jenner, or Trisha Yearwood. But Candace Cameron Bure seems to be the most popular prediction, with Gold Derby and Newsweek also guessing the actress.

So we are here to tell you that ALL of these guesses…are WRONG! And we can say that with almost complete confidence. The clues are all pointing to someone else. I am predicting that…

Tree’s Real Identity is…

Ana Gasteyer – Masked Singer Tree

Ana Gasteyer! The comedian and actress most famous for her role on Saturday Night Live is the Tree. And here are all the clues to prove it. Ana happens to be releasing a Christmas album this year, which ties in to her seasonal costume. She also released an album of jazz standards, alluded to when she said she wanted to “jazz up” her career. The baking clues can be linked to her roles as Martha Stewart and Margaret Jo McCullin on SNL. Who could forget “schweddy balls” after all? That was also from a Christmas-themed sketch! The “30” shown on a storage unit is a reference to “30 Rock,” where SNL is taped.

Ana Gasteyer singing “Defying Gravity”

In her second clue package, she mentions she’s “not a regular tree, she’s a cool tree.” This is almost a direct reference to “Mean Girls,” which Ana played a mom in. We also saw a shot of the White House. That is fitting because Ana Gasteyer grew up in Washington D.C. She mentioned she has a “Wicked” flair, nodding to her role as Elphaba in the Chicago sit-down production of Wicked. Finally, Tree claimed she’s a brand ambassador for something food-relate and Ana was a spokesperson for Weight Watchers. Plus, Ana can SING!

Why Masked Singer Tree is NOT Candace Cameron Bure

For those of you who still think it’s Candace Cameron Bure, listen to this video of her singing.

That’s definitely not the Tree’s voice! She can barely even hold a tune to “Jingle Bells.” Come on, let’s be real here. Just accept that we got it right.

Now, stay tuned on our YouTube channel for her full reveal in our recap show later this week!

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