An Inside Look at ‘The Voice’ Season 15 Premiere Pre-Screening

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Talent Recap was invited to a pre-screening of The Voice Season 15’s premiere episode this week! Without getting into too many details, let’s just say the season 15 premiere is going to be one to remember! The talent, the banter between the coaches, the inspiring stories of the contestants…it all comes together perfectly for season 15. Along with just watching the first episode of the new season, we also took part in a Q&A with The Voice producer Audrey Morrissey and season 14 winner, Brynn Cartelli! Keep reading for your inside look at the event.

Starting with the screening, energy was high in the room as we all watched a handful of artists’ dreams come true. Our eyes were glued to the screen with each new singer on stage. We were laughing at the coaches fighting over each artist, floored by some of the talent, and crying at the stories of these contestants. Oh yes, there were plenty of tears, both on the screen and in our room.

Sarah Grace kicked off the show and, as you’ve now seen, left quite the impression. Watch her audition here:

Over the course of the episode, we saw about a dozen other artists audition as well. From country to pop to R&B vocalists, just about every genre was covered. And the choices of coaches were not always as predictable as you’d think! There was the usual “try to get country singers not to choose Blake” but could it maybe have worked this time? Only the episode on Monday will tell!

We were also introduced to “The Comeback Stage” and even watched the first artist join the companion series. Kelsea Ballerini brings a fun new energy to the show and she seems genuinely interested in the comeback artists. She hand selected all six herself after all! Her expertise and young perspective will bring something to the digital show that has been missing in the regular show. And she starts off with an artist who has a lot of potential, but did not choose the right song in the Blinds!

The “Block” button is back in action in season 15…dun dun dun! We’re glad to see this element being incorporated into the show because it creates some of the most hilariously playful moments between the coaches we know and love. Plus, it adds an extra opportunity for coaches to recruit artists they might otherwise not have a chance to get on their teams.

The episode concluded with 13-year-old Kennedy Holmes. If you haven’t already seen her Blind Audition, which “leaked” earlier this week, it’s about time you watch it. Also what have you been doing all week?! Here it is:

All four coaches turned their chairs, but we honestly can’t say we’re surprised. An early favorite to win, Kennedy made eyes water in the room and had the crowd in awe of her talent. She is someone who could, and should, go far this year.

Shortly after, The Voice producer Audrey Morrissey and recent winner Brynn Cartelli walked into the room. As a Brynnion myself, this was an exciting moment! They took a bunch of questions from the crowd, discussing how the show is put together and what life looks like after The Voice.

Brynn just announced her first ever tour with none other than songstress and coach extraordinaire, Kelly Clarkson. The Comeback Stage coach and country star Kelsea Ballerini will also join the duo on the road. The three women will be bringing forth the best vocals to a city near you! When we asked Brynn what we could expect from the tour, she said there will definitely be duets with her and the original American Idol. This tour couldn’t come soon enough!

Also, the bond that we’ve seen on screen between Brynn and Kelly is just as strong off-screen. Brynn told us that Kelly “is like a second mom to me,” and that Kelly’s husband also manages her. The teen sensation spent her summer relaxing but is excited to hit the ground running with her tour and new music to come! We can’t think of anyone better than Kelly to take Brynn under her wing. There are definitely big things in store for her!

The audience was itching to know what life has been like in Brynn’s world, since her big win last year. The young pop star revealed that she is most surprised by being recognized out in public. Brynn also expressed the importance of nurturing your family and friendship bonds while working hard at your craft. We seriously love this girl!

The Voice producer Audrey Morrissey also answered some questions. One of the first questions was about the coach selection process. She revealed that coaches are selected based off of a number factors including, and maybe most importantly, all of the schedule stars correctly aligning. Because they’re getting coaches who are so active in the music world, it can be hard to lock coaches down. But even through all that, the producers still manage to get coaches like John Legend on the panel. And in turn, these coaches get to #bless the aspiring talent with their expertise. The producers are looking for someone who is the full package and will really pour into their artists. Audrey said they’re proud of who they’ve had coach up until now! She also said they will continue to have coaches on the show who are invested in the long-term growth of their teams.

Audrey was also asked about how they measure success after each season of The Voice. Now that there’s a huge push to digital and ratings are slowly but surely declining, this has been a hot topic among television producers. Audrey said they gauge success by “impact and relevance.” She said the most important thing to The Voice producers is that the show stays relevant and has an impact on all the artists and the audience. As long as that continues, the show isn’t going anywhere.

And we’re happy for that! Season 15 of The Voice kicks off on Monday and, trust us, it’s worth watching.


Kyle Montplaisir
Kyle Montplaisir

Kyle Montplaisir is a contributor and host at Talent Recap. He is the lead detective for the site on 'The Masked Singer' and an encyclopedia of knowledge on 'The Voice' and 'American Idol'. A graduate of Pepperdine University, Kyle is originally from Arizona, but now lives in Los Angeles. When he isn’t watching talent shows and game shows, Kyle loves eating dessert, singing karaoke, and spending time with his wife, Hannah, and dog, Stella

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