India’s Bad Salsa Brings Bollywood to ‘America’s Got Talent’ And Judges Are SHOCKED [VIDEO]

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There are only 5 spots left in the semi-finals and viewers will get the chance to vote up to 10 times for their favorite act. There are 11 contestants left. Watch Indian Duo Bad Salsa brings Bollywood to America’s Got Talent.

Bad Salsa brings Bollywood to America’s Got Talent and the judges are blown away.

Watch Bad Salsa’s Power-Pact Performance

With another live quarterfinal episode on Tuesday night, August 18, on the NBC network we are all set for the excitement for the upcoming semi-finals. As voting begins it is upto us to make the decision. Thousands of viewers assembled in the big backdrop of the massive set in Universal Studios, Hollywood and engaged in a quick spot of audience interaction.

Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Howie Mandel were all present with Simon Cowell missing from the panel. Kenan Thompson, the resident star of Saturday Night Live, was present instead of Cowell. Simon’s horrific bike accident a couple of weeks ago still has him bedridden and like all of us, he too is working from home.

15-year-old Sonali Majumdar revealed that her family had come to India from a village in Bangladesh and that her father was a farmer who barely earned a dollar a day. While growing up, Sonali took inspiration from the famous actresses she saw in Bollywood and kept dreaming that her life could change one day.

Now her dreams are coming true with 21-year-old Maraju from Kolkata and through the guidance of their dance guru Bivash. After many hours of hard work and dedication, they are back in the live shows of America’s Got Talent with the hope to bring Bollywood to the American stage.

The duo did a fantastic acrobatic routine with great precision which was televised from India. There were twists, flips, turns, cartwheels, splits, somersaults and even ballet moves, all performed at such a blinding speed that it was hard to keep up with them. There were crazy drops and spins which left each one of us mesmerised with their performance and we all wanted more!

Heidi said they were like a dance act mixed with a danger act, and noted, “You should be called bad-ass salsa.”  Sofia commented that they looked amazing, while Howie declared that they had been the best of the night this far and said he loved them. 

Make sure you vote as much as you can till 7 a.m. on August 19, when we’ll get to see the results live on the NBC network at 8 pm ET, August 19. 



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