Got Talent

‘America’s Got Talent’ Cincinnati Auditions The Biggest Ever

The AGT auditions train pulled into Cincinnati, OH this week and they had their biggest turn out in the history of the show. They haven’t released the exact numbers but thousands and thousands of people showed up. From the looks of the video it seemed like they kept themselves entertained while they waited for all day for their turn.

It doesn’t surprise me that the AGT auditions would be so crowded this year. After all, this was the show’s best year ever as far as ratings. We looked at a chart in the office the other day of the ratings and social media responses of the different shows we cover and AGT is definitely on an up slope…a big one. I think we’re going to see even more crazy audition numbers before it’s all through. They are coming here to New York City in December and I predict they will fill the Javitts Center.

We plan on being there, of course, to talk to the people who desperately want to showcase their talent on the TV. We’ll see if we can find a winner.