The Voice

‘The Voice’ Continues Tonight To Pick The Top 12

The Voice playoffs kick off a special three day end game where the remaining contestants compete for a spot in the top 12. With the talent that’s left there is no way that this isn’t going to be an absolutely incredible three days of entertainment. If you don’t believe me just watch this leaked video of Noah Mac singing Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight. Sexy.

So, who will be in the top 12? Hard to say. With this much talent it’s going to be tough. Definitely Brooke Simpson, Chloe Kohanski, Chris Weaver, Janice Freeman, and Moriah Formica will make it through. As for the other spots, Noah Mac is looking strong as is Anthony Alexander. But let’s not count out Esera Tuaolo. Of course there is Red Marlow for all the country fans out there. Plus we have the returning wildcards of Lucas Holliday, Whitney Fenimore, Natalie Stovall, and Karli Webster.

Whoever gets picked I know, without a doubt, this is the most talented group of singers ever on The Voice.