The X Factor

Alisah Bonaobra Sent Home In ‘X Factor UK’ Shocker

If there is anyone on The X Factor UK that has kept us on our seats this season it has to be Filipino songstress Alisah Bonaobra. Three times the judges almost sent her home and three times she clawed her way back due in no small part to her huge fan following. But her journey finally came to an end Sunday and her fans are none too happy.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that there are no more loyal fans that the Filipinos both here in America, The UK, and abroad. Not only with Alisah but with Angelica Hale when America’s Got Talent was on a month ago. They really root for their own and it’s no surprise. Lord knows the Filipinos can use a distraction from their issues in their homeland. But it’s not just their countrymen that are rabid Alisah and Angelica fans. It seems that something in their story and their talent bring out the fanatic in people.

Our comment section on the videos and stories on Alisah losing say it all. People are mad that she was sent home. Like, REAL mad. Here is just a sampling:


“Racial descrimation. 😏 It’s like the 4rth impact they won’t won .They just used the group and Alisah for their rating.. BIAS decision ..i hate it. We love you Alisah…from us here in Spain.😏”

“Next year Xfactor UK should clearly mention that other nationalities should not join the show. Since day 1 they kicked the brillian american singer, and now this innocent singer..”

“Omg I can’t believe it,I’ll never ever watch the live show again.”

What about the claim that there was a racial element to this decision? There’s no way to know, of course. But I’m sure that was a factor for the Brexit types that want all immigrants kicked out of the UK. But I think that part of the problem was that many people felt fatigued by Alisah’s struggles on the show. At least, that’s what fans told us. The question is also how much the judges ganging up on Louis Walsh over Sam Black influenced the fans. Who doesn’t like Louis? There is a bit of a sympathy vote going on there. Alisah had a better voice than Sam and she probably deserved to win.

So, what can you do? We’ll never know why people voted the way they did. Sometimes you just have to throw up your arms and accept that things don’t always go the best way.