Incredible Wheelchair Dancer Shows Life Has No Limits But Watch What Happens Next


Julius Obrero and Rhea Marquez are a truly inspiring dancing duo that competed on season six of Pilipinas Got Talent in 2018. The pair from Pasig City performed stunning dance routines that showed off tremendous strength from Julius who is wheelchair-bound and unable to walk. Check out their viral audition below and see what Julius and Rhea exclusively told us about their time on the show.

Julius Obrero And Rhea Marquez Got The Golden Buzzer On ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’

Julius and Rhea’s audition was an incredibly romantic routine featuring difficult lifts and undeniable chemistry. Their partnership and amazing choreography really impressed the judges. Vice Ganda, Robin Padilla, and Freddie M. Garcia gave the duo a standing ovation. Judge Angel Locsin remained seated so that she could give them the Golden Buzzer. This advanced them directly to the semifinals. “Competing in Pilipinas Got Talent helped us gained recognition from people worldwide, it gave people the awareness that our field which is the wheelchair dancesport do exist,” the duo told us exclusively. “The show boosted our confidence and helped us deliver one of our advocacies which is to inspire and give courage to those who felt helpless and hopeless.” 


There, the Paralympic dance world champions performed another breathtaking routine. They stepped up their game, this time even being ascended into the air, only holding onto a rope for support. It was a moment of pure amazement on the show as Julius proved that just because he is in a wheelchair does not mean his life has any limits.

Julius and Rhea were sent into the finale performing a balancing trick that had everyone absolutely freaking out. It had the judges up out of their seats and they were praised for always making their performances better and better each week. They actually ended up being the runners up of the season.

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Where Are They Now?

Julius and Rhea went on to compete in the 2019 Ta-Tsung Cup competition, a wheelchair dancing and sports championship.

Julius also received an award at The 12th Ani Ng Dangal Awards held at the Rizal Hall of the Malacañang Palace.

The pair were also a part of the Asian Para Games 2018 Opening Ceremony in Jakarta, Indonesia. While the coronavirus pandemic has definitely put a pause on public dance performances for Julius and Rhea, they constantly post about how they cannot wait to get back out on the dance floor. On International Dance Day, they posted on Instagram saying “Even though we are all staying inside our houses, no one can stop us from celebrating the International Dance Day, not even this Pandemic. See you soonest everyone! Can’t wait to share the dance floor with you again.”

“We never expected this pandemic to hit us so hard, all the scheduled competitions and performances abroad were rescheduled, others were cancelled” they told us. “The training venue is closed up until now. So during the lockdown, we have been keeping ourselves busy by doing home trainings. We have been constantly communicating on future projects, and competitions. We made sure that when this pandemic ends, we will be ready to perform and compete.” The duo are always looking for ways to continue to practice their amazing skills.

This dancing duo is definitely #partnergoals as they are always there to support each other and lift one another up. “We are performers, at the same time we are athletes who proudly represent our country, which is the Philippines. Our dream is to be able to compete in the Paralympics and hopefully bring home the gold medal. We also dreamt of performing in every stages anywhere locally and abroad” they said when asked about their dreams for the future which is definitely looking bright for them.


How amazed are you by Julius and Rhea’s performances on Pilipinas Got Talent? We can all agree that we definitely need to see them on America’s Got Talent: The Champions in the future.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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