Is Nicole Not Returning To ‘The X Factor UK’ Next Year?

Jack Tomas | Talent Recap

It seems like Nicole Scherzinger has been a judge on The X Factor UK for centuries but that is not the case. She keeps dropping hints that she might exit the show after this season to return to making her own music.

Nicole has had a rough year what with her rocky relationship with tennis star Grigor Dimitrov and plenty of other not great stuff. The show also inhibits her from ability to work on her music. A show like The X Factor UK takes up a hell of a lot of your time. I’ve never understood people who can do multiple shows like Ryan Seacrest. I don’t think that dude sleeps.

Rumor has it that Cheryl might replace her. It makes sense given the fact that Simon had her as his guest mentor. Is this forshadowing? Maybe. I’ll miss Nicole though. Who will shamelessly flirt with the contestants? Louis?


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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