‘Idol’ Winner Maddie Poppe Spills The Tea On Relationship With Runner-up Caleb Lee Hutchinson

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When Maddie Poppe won Season 16 of American Idol, it was revealed that she was dating runner-up Caleb Lee Hutchinson. The couple is still together more than a year later, and Maddie recently opened up about the challenges of their relationship.

Maddie spoke to People about the struggles of long-distance relationships, especially when both partners are pursuing a career in music. She also revealed how she would have reacted if Caleb had won the season instead of her.

Maddie Poppe talks about her relationship with boyfriend Caleb Lee Hutchinson.

Maddie Poppe’s Relationship With Boyfriend Caleb Lee Hutchinson

Maddie revealed that she wrote her song “Not Losing You” about Caleb after they discussed “how tough it is” being musicians in a long-distance relationship. “It’s hard, because sometimes something great will be happening for him, and I’ll be, like, having a meltdown,” she explained.

She also shared that the internet likes to speculate about the status of her and Caleb’s relationship, either saying they’ve broken up or that they’re secretly married. She said it would be “tough” to tell everyone if they did break up, especially because she says her whole album Whirlwind is about Caleb.

Maddie still lives in Iowa, but she shared that lately she’s been thinking of moving away for her career. However, she said that it would be hard to be away from her family.

Does Maddie Think Caleb Is ‘The One’?

Despite the challenges of being apart, Maddie says she thinks Caleb is “The One.” She explained that he’s her “best friend,” and pointed out that they were friends before they started dating.

“I think that’s what’s so awesome about it, is … we were just best friends who were hanging out,” Maddie said. “And then we were like, ‘Hey, we get along pretty good. This might work out.'”

But that doesn’t mean Maddie wouldn’t have been jealous if Caleb had won instead of her. “I hate saying that, but I think I would be jealous,” she shared. She added that she’s had to do a lot of “cheesy” things as the winner that she’s not sure Caleb would be willing to do. So it seems like it all worked out for the best.


“It’s hard being in a long distance relationship”

“Long distance relationships are hard… Something great would be happening for him and I would be in the middle of a meltdown… and its very all over the place and I just wanted to write a song about I know that its hard and the music industry sometimes can suck and its not easy all the time but at least we’ll always have each other.” Maddie also joked about how speculative her fans are and how intense it can get. From wondering if she and Caleb have broken up to talking about her being pregnant, the rumor mills keep churning. She also spoke about how if they did break up, it would be hard because essentially the whole album is about him.

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