‘Idol’ Star Walker Burroughs ‘Broken Emotionally’ After The Show

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'Idol' Star Walker Burroughs Says He's 'Broken Emotionally' After The ShowABC

Former American Idol contestant Walker Burroughs is getting honest about how the show changed him, and how he’s feeling now. Walker made it to the Top 8 of Season 17 earlier this year, and he took his elimination hard.

In May, Walker shared how he was feeling after leaving the show, which he called “the biggest high of my life.” He said he dislikes how the show “perpetuates the very destructive social norm that failure is this awful thing to be mortified of.”

Walker Burroughs Reflects On ‘American Idol’

This week, the 21-year-old shared an Instagram post in which he reflects on his year, including his time on American Idol. Walker has had some great things happen this year, including going on tour with Bobby Bones and releasing an original song called “Made to Be.”


However, that doesn’t mean everything’s great for Walker emotionally. He shared his belief in “the expression of male emotion,” and went on to reveal how he’s been feeling.

“I am so grateful for this past year. I’m also so very depressed at the moment. It’s a weird balance because I feel VERY hopeful for the future, but I feel like I’ve lost a lot of myself, or rather who I was this time last year.  American idol is an experience I’ll always treasure, but it was so so much so fast, and LA is way different than Nashville or Birmingham (for lots of reasons). The experience changed me and how most everyone views me. That’s a weird and MASSIVE change that I still haven’t figured out.”

While on tour, Walker was also taking a full load of college classes, which he said was “way too much.” He said that he’s now having trouble talking about his feelings with his family, and struggles with social anxiety, neither of which was the case before this year.

Watch Walker Burroughs perform on “American Idol.”

Walker Gets Honest About His Feelings

Walker didn’t sugarcoat things, but he also shared his hope for the future, which includes making music for his fans.

“I am broken emotionally. But I will get better. I feel hopeful and scared. No, I feel quite terrified. But I want to make music, and I want people to sing along. Not for my own glory but a shared experience of creating and expressing together. That is my goal.”

If you want to support Walker on his musical journey, you can listen to his song “Made to Be,” which he says he wrote “as a reminder to myself to not compare myself to others.” You can also buy his merch on his website.

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