‘Idol’ Hopeful Laci Kaye Booth Defends Trump-Like Orange Spray Tan Audition Moment

Matt Beck | Talent Recap

Laci Kaye Booth is catching flack for her heavy orange spray tan on American Idol, but she stands her ground.

Matt Beck | Talent Recap

Social media always finds a way to target people in the public eye to stir up drama. When Laci first appeared for her audition she went a little overboard on the orange spray tan.

On the show she addresses her accidental overuse of the spray tan when she speaks to the cameras. “When I performed the first audition my spray tan leaked in my spray tan glove.” Laci told American Idol, “It looked really bad on camera.”

Laci explained how she was so focused on the performance, that she made a mistake with her spray tan. For that reason she plans on making American Idol isn’t looking like The Jersey Shore.

After her breath-taking performance on the last episode, Luke Bryan even mentioned that he respected how she called herself out.

Matt Beck | Talent Recap

“When you can kinda’ call yourself out for your spray tan. That’s just fun!” Luke told Laci, “We saw the spray tan that day, but you coulda’ been purple girl.”

The whole judges table agreed and Laci clearly appreciated the praise. It shows that as long as the singing is up to par, you can just tune out the negativity.

Matt Beck | Talent Recap

Laci Kay Booth isn’t the only American Idol contestant getting some backlash, Wade Cota is also battling the haters on his end. People on social media have been saying that his deep, raspy vocals are completely unauthentic.

“People think that I’m faking my big, raspy voice ’cause that’s not how I talk,” Wade told the American Idol cameras, “I just sang metal through puberty, I wrecked my actual voice,”

Personally, I’m on the fence about this one because I agree that the voice sounds put on, but I also think it sounds really good. So does the provenance of the voice really matter, or is the quality the only factor?

Unfortunately, that isn’t Wade’s only complaint. He recently started getting tweets about his intelligence. On the show Wade let it slip that he thought he needed a passport to go to Hawaii, and that he thought Pearl Harbor was just a movie. Really Wade?…

Whether it’s the Trump-like orange spray tan for Laci Kay Booth, or the fake voice allegations for Wade Cota, privacy in an unfortunate sacrifice you make when entering the public eye. In these times battling off the social media beast is just part of being a public figure.

Matt Beck | Talent Recap

To see how Laci and Wade’s journey’s play out, watch American Idol tonight at 8p.m.


Matt Beck
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