Huge! Camila Cabello Joining ‘X Factor: All Stars’? WATCH

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Camila Cabello featured on ‘X Factor’ in 2012 with girl group ‘Fifth Harmony’ and finished third place in the competition. She’s now a grammy award winning artist taking the world by storm with her solo music. In a recent interview, the pop star was asked about the possibility of a return to the show for ‘All Stars’. Here’s a closer look into what she said!

Camila Cabello is up for ‘X Factor: All Stars’

Camila featured on ‘Hits Radio’ with former X Factor UK contestant and now radio show host, Fleur East. When asked about the possibility of joining the all new ‘All Stars’ show, she confidently said that she would take part. She responded by saying, ‘I actually think I would do it’ and went on to say that the show brings out ‘two completely opposite emotions’ in her. In addition to her response, she elaborated on her time in the competition; ‘I think it’s really the first time I came out of my shell’ and that she felt ‘everything was either life or death’.

Do you know about this new X Factor All Star judge? You will seriously be thrilled and excited!

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Girl band ‘Fifth Harmony’ and their X Factor mentor, Simon Cowell

Camila Cabello found love after appearing on ‘X Factor’

‘X Factor’ provides contestants with enough publicity to start journeys as record artists but also helps contestants find love! It wasn’t long before Camila began making a name for herself in the industry which unsurprisingly attracted eyes. One very special someone did in fact catch her eye and that person was the one and only Shawn Mendes!

It was only recently that Mendes publicly announced the relationship online. He said in a Q&A, “We haven’t been dating for that long. We have been dating since July 4th officially.” We’re totally in awe… nothing beats a musical couple!

Camila nearly missed the chance to audition for the show

When Camila first applied for the show, she was placed as a reserve meaning that if time was running low that day, she would not be seen by the judges. During a break Simon Cowell left the arena to find Camila crying on the floor and it was at that moment that Simon gave the now world class star a chance to perform. Of course, Camila blew the roof off the arena and stunned the judges with her audition and it was from then on that she achieved global recognition!

Do you think Camila should return for ‘X Factor All Stars’ ?


Pablo Urdiales Antelo
Pablo Urdiales Antelo

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