How To Use The AGT Voting App to Vote for America’s Got Talent?

Mriganka Chawla
|1 month

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At Talent Recap, we stan America’s Got Talent but we aren’t the only ones. Millennials love the show just as much as we do—okay maybe not. Nobody loves AGT as much as us.

Watch Ansley Burns win Simon Cowell’s heart

Technically we are millennials, so wait, what?

Forget the title, Talent Recap is sorta, kinda, pretty much obsessed with AGT, like we discuss it over lunches, debate over eliminations on Slack, spend hours watching and re-watching it… you get the drift, right?

So, we have kind of hacked the voting process, I mean not really but also obvs we have. We’ve tried everything you and your mother can think of to make the voting process seamless and entertaining, so you don’t have to.

You are very welcome.

As AGT’s official encyclopedia, there you go, I said it. Somebody had to. We really are, see the video below to catch one of our recaps.

Watch Talent Recap compile and recap everything that happened on AGT every Wednesday.

Coming back to the announcement, as AGT’s official encyclopedia, here is our preferred way to vote.

Our Preferred ‘AGT’ Voting Method: The App

Imagine sitting at home, watching America’s Got Talent on TV and eating low-calorie ice-cream. Using your phone to vote on who stays in the competition. Personally, I can’t think of anything better to do on a Tuesday night.

I know, I really should get a cat. Moving on.

You can make your voice and your opinion count on tonight’s AGT live episode at 8 p.m. Think your vote doesn’t matter? Convince me of the same after watching this video.

Ansley Burns secures wildcard spot, reminding us all of all the reasons we should be voting.

Yeah, your votes matter.

Like a lot.

Through the AGT app, you can show your love for your favorite contestant, mix and match judge phrases for your buzzers, cast your vote during the live shows and save your favorite acts on results nights.

Does it get any better?

You bet it does.

Things You Can Do On The ‘AGT’ App?

We like to feel a part of the show. We want in on the game and the app gives us different ways to do so.

  • PLAY ALONG with America using your green, red and golden buzzers during performances
  • SOUND OFF on your buzzer whenever you want – even when the show’s not on
  • VOTE for your favorite acts during the live voting episodes with your NBCUniversal Profile
  • SAVE acts on results nights
  • WATCH video clips of your favorite performances
  • SHARE your favorite acts on Facebook and Twitter with AGT’s social feed
  • TWEET Simon, Gabrielle, Julianne, Howie, and Terry straight from the app
  • LEARN MORE about the acts with new profiles pages, featuring bios, video clips and more

How to vote on America’s Got Talent ‘AGT’ App?

There is no shame—we’ve all struggled with technology, not as much as you grandma but we get it.

No judgment.

AGT has actually made it easy for us as viewers to vote on the America’s Got Talent Official App or by allowing us to set up an NBCUniversal Profile. So, when the live shows begin, we can choose our favorite act and cast our vote!

One thing to remember is that AGT’s App supports iOS version 10.3+ and Android version 6.0+. If your device is running an older operating system, you will be unable to successfully install the app.

1. Download The ‘AGT’ App

AGT App is available on the App Store or Google Play and as any other voting method, it has a limit of ten (10) votes per act per email address, regardless of the sign-in method used, during each voting window.

Now in case you struggled like we did—yes it happens to the best of us, let us go through the process of ‘locking in’ the vote once you have installed the application. Here is how you can lock in your vote for AGT on the App.

When the voting window opens, you can click on the act/acts you want to vote for, move the slider or tap/click on +/- buttons to the desired number. Select “submit votes”.


Once again you can only vote up to 10 times per act, so use it wisely. You can change your votes anytime until the vote closes.

At the end of the night’s voting window, your votes will be cast for the acts you select.

In case you need any more incentive to watch tonight’s episode, watch this video of Kodi Lee

I am not crying, you are.

Stop it!

You are embarrassing me.