The Voice, American Idol, The Masked Singer and X Factor Rated by Brutal Critics

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It’s that burning question that lies beneath us every time we put out feet up for a night of TV talent. Is my favorite show ACTUALLY good? Here’s a closer look at how the top critics of TV rate your favorite show. Buckle in, it’s going to get vicious!

American Idol

“The new version is really just the old version, but a little sappier, a little more Disney-fied, a little more Americana-obsessed, and it’s all, well, fine. It’s not particularly good or particularly bad. It’s just familiar. And familiar may be enough, depending on what you’re looking for. But it’s not special.” (USA Today, TV Critic)

Coming in strong, Idol doesn’t seem to impress America’s top critics either way. It’s blunt but true. Did you purposely tune in for the latest season of Idol or just happen to come across it as you skipped the channels endlessly on a lazy Sunday? It’s nothing special according to Kelly Lawler.

The Voice

From its amusement-park-ride chairs to its cluttered concept, The Voice was a garish bore over two hours on Tuesday night — it was less about the strenuous voices of the singers than the yammering voices of its celebrity “coaches.” (Entertainment, TV Critic)

Ouch! ‘Yammering’ coaches and ‘amusement park ride chairs’, in writing Entertainment pictures The Voice as a recipe for disaster! However, fans are still tuning in and you have to give it to NBC, it’s a fresh idea that adds a little more to what a typical singing competition holds.

X Factor

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The X Factor is “America’s Got Talent” with lockjaw, “The Voice” with a smoker’s hack and “American Idol” on steroids. It is a garish, crass spectacle, and just might produce America’s next superstar. (Boston Herald, TV Critic)

American Idol on steroids? We’re using that one next season (if there is one of course!). It’s honest enough for the shows die hard fans. X Factor has the capability to create world superstars and it has. Maybe, just maybe, tone down the sob stories?

The Masked Singer

It all started as an admirably bizarre reality series that reveled in its unabashed spectacle and lunacy. But it became, somehow, a bit of a bore. (Daily Beast, TV Critic )

Yes, it’s bizarre and yes the costumes are a little creepy but cut it some slack! The Masked Singer holds more than most talent shows out there right now, and actually INVOLVES the audience. We’re no longer just viewers, we’re detectives, but ‘Daily Beast’ isn’t having any of it!

Dancing With The Stars

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‘Like the millions of other emotionally unstable imbeciles who tuned in, I found myself strangely drawn to the idiotic flair of the whole thing. Watching this show is like traveling back in time, to a simpler era, when most of our pop culture was considered foolish and sad.’ (Salon, TV Critic)

If you’re sitting there, feeling rather insulted after the entire fanbase of DWTS have been called ’emotionally unstable imbeciles’, we’re totally with you. Although ‘Salon’ have gone for a rather hard-hitting approach to rating the show, at least they bothered to give it a watch! After all, they did mention that it reflects a ‘simpler era’, wait… is that even a compliment? We’re still deciding on that one.

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