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Honey G: The Controversial Rapper’s Run On The X Factor



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HONEY G was a controversial figure from the moment she stepped into the X Factor 2016 competition. She fell out of the competition during the 6 Chair Challenge, but they decided to bring her back eventually when another contestant dropped out.

Honey G the character, as well as her rapping performances on the show, created a sharp division between the fans of the show and the judging panel. Some saw her as nothing but a fake and not worthy of TV time, while others saw her as valuable talent. However, all can agree that she managed to become a household name in Britain and somewhat of a culture icon.

Here are some facts that we’ve come to learn about Honey G:

  1. The rapper’s real name is Anna Georgette Gilford and she is 35 years old.
  2. Prior to the show she used to run an IT recruitment firm named ARG Search.
  3. According to former friends and classmates, Anna used to be a ballerina, a captain of a tennis team at an exclusive grammar school she attended, and has dealt with drug addiction at some point.
  4. She has a master of science in management from University College London and another degree in popular music and recording from The University of Salford.
  5. Anna is single and would like to get married and have children before her biological clock runs out.

Anna vs. Honey G

Some of her former classmates and friends claim that Anna is a completely different person in real-life than the persona she puts on as Honey G.

One classmate described her as “dumbing herself down to assume the persona of a tough rapper for the show.

Another associate described Anna Gilford as “very well spoken, smart” and “comes from a decent background”. “Anna is nothing like this character,” she claims.

What has Honey G been doing since The X Factor?

Honey G has now dedicated her career to making and performing her style of music. To date, she has written and produced several tracks. She also released a music video on her official YouTube page. Honey G has even performed at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood for her mentor Sharon Osbourne and daughter Kelly.

In late 2017 she will debut her on stage debut, starring in a pantomime of Sleeping Beauty in Hastings.

No matter what you thought of Honey G during the show, at the end of the day she is a self-made star. Who is to judge what’s real or fake? Perhaps it was Anna that was fake all along and now she found her true self in transforming into Honey G. Her’s is a story of courage, persistence, and fearlessness and she deserves all the credit in the world just.


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