Heidi Klum Complains About Always Being The Target Of Danger Acts

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AGT loves putting Heidi Klum in danger. This week on AGT: The Champions, scary magician Miki Dark involved both Heidi and host Terry Crews in a terrifying trick involving a knife and a blindfold.

Heidi took to Instagram afterward to ask, “Why always me?” It’s true that Heidi has been the guinea pig in the past. Let’s check out these suspenseful danger acts out below, shall we?

Heidi Klum Almost Gets Stabbed On TV

In this week’s AGT: The Champions, magician Miki Dark asked Heidi and Terry to participate in a trick that involved throwing a knife at Heidi’s chest while he was blindfolded.


Heidi was clearly terrified when she realized what he was going to do, and let out an extended scream that annoyed fellow judge Simon Cowell. After the performance, Heidi thanked the magician for not killing her. We’re glad it all worked out, unlike Ben Blaque’s recent crossbow routine.

Watch Heidi Klum nearly get shot with an arrow on “AGT.”

Heidi Nearly Gets Shot With An Arrow On ‘AGT’

In Season 13, danger performer Aaron Crow called Heidi Klum and guest judge Ken Jeong onto the stage for a nail-biting performance. He placed an engagement ring inside an apple, which he then had Ken hold on top of Heidi’s head.


Aaron then shot an arrow through the apple and pinned the engagement ring to a target. There was a funny moment where Ken pretended to propose to Heidi, and they shared a kiss. But you could tell how freaked out they were by the whole routine.

Magician Mike Super on ‘America’s Got Talent’ 2014

Do you believe in ghosts? Did you see Mike going crazy on the stage and spooking everyone because if you haven’t, you are seriously missing out.

But even though Heidi has nearly died on stage because of danger acts, she’s not against them entirely. She gave the Golden Buzzer to Deadly Games last season on AGT: The Champions. (Granted, she wasn’t involved in that performance.)

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