Harry Styles Wins First Solo AMA But Fans Are OUTRAGED By The Way He Was Snubbed!

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Last night at the 2020 American Music Awards, Harry Styles claimed his first solo AMA since One Direction went their separate ways. The fans could not be happier about the well-deserved win for the 26-year-old English singer/actor. That’s why, when his win was merely a mention in the award shows closing credits, they raised their voices and they are not happy.

Harry Styles Beat The Competition

Harry Styles win was clutch, this year finding himself with only one nomination to contend for. He was nominated for Favorite Album- Pop/Rock, up against The Weeknd for “After Hours” and the AMA queen Taylor Swift for “Folklore.” That certainly is no easy victory and, this being his first solo nomination at the AMAs, it’s somewhat of a big deal. Since winning One Direction’s 7 AMAs, Styles has not seen a nod at the AMAs after going solo.

Fans Had Lots to Say About AMA’s Snubbing Harry Styles

Fans rejoiced over his win, immediately taking to Twitter to congratulate and celebrate the artist’s achievement. One fan tweeted “…omg I’m so so so proud of him, you deserve it love.” Another celebrating the strength of the fan base saying “HARRY WON im so happy this fandom came together as one and our baby did it.”

What the fans were also shouting about on social was the fact that this win wasn’t even announced during the 3-hour broadcast. It in fact was merely a mention, along with a few other awards that were not presented, as the credits rolled on the show. One fan expressed they “did him dirty by not announcing it….BUT HE WON AND IM SO PROUD.” Some people were upset since that’s what they even tuned in for “HARRY WON THE POP/ROCK AWARD AND THEY DIDN’T EVEN ANNOUNCE IT IVE WAITED THREE HOURS FOR..”

“Fine Line” was his second solo studio album. His AMA win comes only weeks after releasing an official music video for “Golden.”

You can also check out videos for “Watermelon Sugar”, “Lights Up”, “Falling”, and “Adore You” on his YouTube channel.


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