Hans Clashes With Simon Cowell on ‘AGT: Champions’

Julia Delbel
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America’s Got Talent: The Champions Season 2 premiered tonight on NBC, and one of the contestants that returned to compete in the Got Talent big leagues is none other than the singing, dancing, accordion-playing man himself, Hans!

Hans is entertainment and fun but Simon can be a little serious for the rest of us. He buzzed Hans and although he made it through, sorry for the spoiler LA!

After the act, Simon said, “It was impossible to make that worse!” He added on by saying, “none of them made sense.”

Heidi and Simon too went at it on AGT: Champions

“Overgrown bananas, terrible singing, weird dancing… Where does this go?” Simon asked Hans after his performance and although it was hard to hear him over the booing, it made sense.

“You know what Simon, when you let back I’ll come and sing I dream the dream… “

Hans to Simon Cowell

Alesha Dixon too took Hans side and said what we all felt deep down in our heart, “you don’t have to take it so seriously!”

When Alesha asked the audience if they had fun, the entire crowd lit up and Hans did make it through! It was, lets just say, a tad bit weird watching Simon’s face through it all!

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Who is Hans?

Hans auditions for America’s Got Talent Season 13

Fans who watched America’s Got Talent Season 13 know that Hans has dubbed himself an “international superstar”. But is that really the case? While the jury is out on him being a superstar (though he is definitely one in the Got Talent world!) Hans definitely does not hail from America. And the place he’s from might surprise you!

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From ‘AGT’ Contestant to Judge

While Hans performs in a German accent and claims to be from Berlin, he’s actually from AUSTRALIA! Yes, that’s right! (Oh, and while we’re at it, Hans isn’t even his real name – it’s actually Matt Gilbertson!)

Hans sneaks in a performance to his Australia’s Got Talent guest judging episode

He’s even appeared on his home country’s own Australia’s Got Talent. But instead of delivering some of his signature dazzling performances fans in the US were treated to (okay, he did manage to work one in!) he witnessed and critiqued others as they took the stage with their acts. Yup – Hans was a Got Talent guest judge! He even got to press the coveted Golden Buzzer for one lucky act!

Beyond Got Talent and ‘AGT: Champions’

Preview for Hans: Like a German at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Even though some acts have seemingly made a career out of bouncing around from Got Talent show to Got Talent show around the world, Hans has some range in his performance venues of choice. He has had his own one-man-show at the world-renown Edinburgh Fringe Festival for multiple years.

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Talent Recap interviews Hans at the AGT Season 13 live shows

In between performances, Hans has done a lot of fun interviews, including on Talent Recap‘s own YouTube page! He also provided commentary for last year’s season of AGT Champions, and now this year he’ll be one of the acts being commented on!

How do you think Hans will do on AGT: The Champions? Let us know in the comments below!

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