Gyth Rigdon: 10 Facts To Know About ‘The Voice’s’ Country Heartthrob

Matt Beck | Talent Recap

Fan favorite Gyth Rigdon is on the fast track to taking the entire Voice competition by storm. An amazing voice coupled with dashing good looks creates the perfect storm for a mega-superstar! Here’s 10 Facts you need to know about Gyth.

Matt Beck | Talent Recap
  1. Gyth is more than just a southern gentleman from Louisiana.

Gyth grew up on a race horse farm in Singer, Louisina. As a matter of fact, Gyth worked around the clock (or as his website says) from sun up to sun down to help his family. Now we know where that hard work ethic comes from!

2. Gyth’s started playing music because of his dear old dad.

American Quarter Horse trainer Paul Rigdon is the reason we have been #BLESSED with Gyth’s voice. In the same way that Gyth loves music, so does his father Paul. Paul inspired Gyth to pick up a guitar and sing his heart out. Gyth gushes on his website, “My dad has been there since day one. I’m proud to say that he has supported me every step of the way. He has never doubted me and always pushed me to work harder. My dad is my hero.”

3. The Voice ain’t his first rodeo!

Matt Beck | Talent Recap

In the event that Gyth doesn’t when The Voice (he will don’t worry) he’ll be just fine! Why you ask? Gyth has already released a debut album! Where I Began hit airwaves in 2016 and fans couldn’t get enough of Gyth’s hit single Body Language. Additionally, Gyth released a second album called When I’m Gone in 2018.

4. Gyth is going on tour!

In addition to being The Voice’s country prince, Gyth is going on tour. Grab a beer and pull up your boot straps this summer with Gyth. Rigdon is taking South Carolina by storm in June (6-9) and November (16). Gyth will also play close to home in Lake Charles, Louisiana on June 22.

5. Gyth has a history with The Voice.

Matt Beck | Talent Recap

Given that Gyth is doing so well in the competition, we couldn’t imagine the 25-year-old without a chair turn. However, that’s exactly what happened years back. Gyth auditioned for The Voice and was turned away before the blind auditions!

6. Gyth has opened for popular artists.

Its pretty obvious that Gyth is no stranger to the stage. Gyth has set the tone for an amazing show and opened for artists like Jake Owen and Andy Grammer.

7. Gyth is proud to be an American!

Matt Beck | Talent Recap

Gyth always pays honor to the American Flag by singing The National Anthem post set. Our flag is always present so long as Gyth is on the stage! The patriotic singer revealed, “It’s an honor to give back to those men and women who have given me my freedom, and taking a few minutes on stage to show them my appreciation is the least I can do.”

8. Gyth is Team Blake all the way!

Fans predict that Gyth will take the title as Voice champ. Gyth took the stage this week and put some soul into his favorite coaches (Blake duh) song! Check it out below.

9. The Voice’s Most streamed artist!

Gyth is making his presence known on The Voice scene. #Gythnation made sure that Gyth would own the title of ‘most streamed artist’ on The Voice.

10. Lastly, Gyth got the key to his city!

Gyth is #winning on The Voice and in real life. The Louisiana native was lucky enough to receive the key to his city!

Matt Beck | Talent Recap


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