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Girl Group Refuses To Leave, Begging Judges To Change Vote — Watch What Security Had To Do Next

Jill O'Rourke
1 month

Sometimes, contestants on talent shows like The X Factor just don’t take no for an answer. The judges reject them, and they refuse to accept it, trying to get the panel to change their minds.

That’s what happened with Eskimo Blonde, a girl group on X Factor UK in 2006. The trio of singers was so desperate to make the judges change their minds, they had to be escorted out of the audition room by security.

Eskimo Blonde refuses to take no for an answer on “X Factor.”

Eskimo Blonde Refuses To Leave On ‘X Factor’

Eskimo Blonde first auditioned in 2005, and made it to boot camp. However, they were eliminated after Simon Cowell said group member Hari was let down by her fellow singers. Hari later left the group and auditioned solo the next year.

The group replaced Hari with a new member and auditioned the same year, running into Hari in the holding area. After Hari was sent through by the judges, Eskimo Blonde tried their luck for another chance.


The trio performed “Viva Forever” by the Spice Girls. Unfortunately, the judges were not impressed. Louis Walsh said it was “nothing special,” while Sharon Osbourne told them it looked like they were “singing in a choir.”

“The problem is … you lost something that was very good about the group, which was Hari,” Simon Cowell told them. “Without her, you’re just what we see a thousand times.” He added that there was no “spark” or “individuality.”

Eskimo Blonde’s former group member Hari goes to boot camp.

Eskimo Blonde Gets Escorted Out

The women tried to ask if they could take the criticism into consideration and try again, but Simon wasn’t having it. Although Louis said yes, saying he wanted to give them a “chance,” Simon and Sharon both said no.

After their rejection, the women of Eskimo Blonde wouldn’t stop trying to persuade the judges to change their minds. One of them even pulled out a photo of Sharon Osbourne that she carried around in her pocket.


Eventually, both Simon and Louis got out of their chairs and went backstage for a cup of tea while the group continued to pester Sharon about changing her vote. “It would not be fair to you,” Sharon told them, saying their hearts would be broken after going up against the caliber of contestants on the show.

Eventually, a member of security showed up to escort the women out of the audition area. Even as they walked away, they continued to beg Sharon to let them through. Meanwhile, Hari said she was “gutted” for her former group mates, even as she moved on to boot camp.

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