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This is it, my friends. The night we have all been waiting for is tonight, The Four finale. The final four singers will battle each other for supremacy and the big prize. James Graham, Sharaya J, Whitney Reign, and Leah Jenae are incredibly strong competitors. Who will win? Tune in tonight to find out.

Sharaya J is the first contestant in the two seasons of the show to never be eliminated and she’s got an incredibly strong chance of winning. Her biggest competition is James Graham who has also been on the show from the start, though he was eliminated a couple of weeks ago. But let’s not discount Leah because she is a beast and, especially for her age, has a very adult voice. Likewise Whitney clawed her way back to the big glowing chairs and could very well win it all.

We’re going to post a reaction show right after the finale where we discuss what went on and who won. Friday we will have a video interview with the winner. We’ll also have the recap and announcement posted right here on Check that out on our YouTube page and here on the site.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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