Gabby Barrett Teaches Husband Cade Foehner How To Change Their Baby’s Diaper [VIDEO]

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Gabby Barrett is having a baby and is making sure her husband Cade Foehner is ready for diaper duty. The two American Idol country stars are gearing up for parenthood after Gabby announced she’s pregnant back in August. Check out this hilarious Instagram video of Cade learning how to change a diaper.

Cade Foehner Had A Lesson From Gabby Barrett About Changing Diapers

“Alright everybody so we are here learning how to change diapers and Cade is going to take us through the process,” Gabby says in the video. He is practicing with a lamb stuffed animal in the video in what looks to be the nursery for their baby girl on the way.

“So, you throw them down here, you sit them down here,” Cade said. Gabby was quick to chime in to tell him not to throw the baby down. She giggled as she watched her husband attempt to change the diaper.

“Put this up under there in case that you get it all over the place,” Cade said as he placed a diaper underneath the little lamb. “In case of surprise bathrooms, good job,” Gabby praised her husband.


“Then you take this off, she got a little turd in there,” he continued. When he took the diaper off of the stuffed lamb and showed it to the camera, there was in fact something in the diaper. It seems the couple took this diaper practice seriously, even putting fake baby poop in the diaper.

Cade then placed the new diaper on the stuffed lamb in record time. “I’ve always wanted to be in the National Finals Rodeo,” he joked. “And that’s how you change a diaper folks, we’ve got some work to do,” Gabby said before ending the video.

Gabby Showed Off Her Growing Pregnant Belly On Instagram

Gabby recently showed off her growing baby bump on Instagram with an adorable Christmas picture. The 20-year-old sat by the tree in her holiday pajamas surrounded by presents and cradling her baby bump. The baby is due in early 2021 and Gabby and Cade have been gushing since they found out they were expecting in May.

Pregnant Gabby Barrett anticipating her Christmas baby

“We were in Texas visiting Cade’s side of his family,” Gabby said when she first found out she was pregnant. “And it’s funny because I did not think that I was. Around lunchtime, I remember taking the test and my eyes nearly crossed! I was like, ‘Wait, is that two lines?’ I came running out to Cade and was just like, ‘Oh my gosh, I think I am.’ That’s all that I said, and he knew what that meant. I started crying, and it was very sweet.”

The happy couple met while competing on Season 16 of American Idol in 2018. They struck up an amazing connection and chemistry and began dating. They were engaged in March of 2019 and had a Texas wedding just a few months later. If you are interested more in how Gabby and Cade’s relationship blossomed, check out the What’s Hot Video below. We delve deeper into some of our other favorite love stories and hookups that happened on talent shows.


Cade definitely has to brush up on his diaper changing skills, but we have hope that the real Gabby Barrett baby comes around she’ll show him the ropes.


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