VIDEO: Emotional Domestic Violence Dance Triggers Strong Reactions On France Got Talent

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One of the best things about Got Talent is the sheer variety of acts we get to see. Music, movement, comedy, danger…the show can be a roller-coaster of thrills, awes, and emotions. France Got Talent is an incredible version of the show. Check it out. 

A recent performance from the French version of the show, La France a un incroyable talenthas gotten some serious buzz online and has fallen into the latter category for a lot of people. It’s a dance duet about the reality of domestic abuse. You can watch it below, but WARNING: The video my trigger strong emotions.

The choreography was a powerful visual representation of the intense cycle of physical and mental torment in an abusive relationship. I wish I knew who to credit for it, but I can definitely give some major props to the dancers, Dakota and Nadia, who knocked the performance out of the park, both dance-wise and in acting ability.

The message of the piece is clear – domestic violence and verbal abuse is a serious issue that needs to be stopped – and it’s certainly a powerful one. I hope this video spreads even further across the internet and sparks a bigger conversation about the topic.



Julia Delbel
Julia Delbel

Julia is a writer at Talent Recap and hails from the Greater Toronto Area. She is currently pursuing a degree in Media Studies. When not sharing her latest reality TV hot takes she's likely enjoying a game night with friends, collecting enamel pins, or spending time with her cat, Zoey.

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