‘The Four’ Comeback Winners: Zhavia, Saeed, Candice Boyd & Ash Minor

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Zhavia is back on ‘The Four’! but so are three other fan favorites. The Four – Battle For Stardom, in an unexpected twist, announced today a 4-person wildcard return to the show. The Four comeback artists that get another chance to challenge for a seat on this week’s show will be: Ash Minor, Candice Boyd, Saeed and Zhavia!

This announcement came after The Four put out a teaser video from Meghan Trainor hinting a major announcement:


The Announcement

If the suspense wasn’t enough, they rolled out the announcement in slow motion – one artist at a time with Zhavia being the last of course. Here’s the official announcement:


Many fans are already rejoicing the decision on social media. “Yeayy, the best contestants are actually returning,” one excited fan wrote.

This ‘The Four’ comeback announcement comes as a surprise, as the show has never indicated that they will have 4 wildcards instead of one, but are we really surprised? After all, this show has been a wild ride from the start and the rules to this brand-new format are still being formed as they go along.

Now the big question is: Who will challenge whom? Will Zhavia get to re-challenge her original opponent Kendyle Paige for a rematch? Will Candice Boyd get a second bite at Tim Johnson Jr.?

All this remains to be seen. One thing is certain, many hardcore Zhavia fans can finally get a night of sleep after 3 stressful sleepless nights.




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