‘The Four’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

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This episode was the last chance for hopefuls to audition and battle for a seat on The Four, so we knew the show was going to be even more wild and dramatic than usual!

After a fun opening performance of “24k Magic” from this week’s incumbent Four: Noah Barlass, James Graham, Ali Caldwell, and Sharaya J, it was time to meet the new crop of challengers!

Jeronelle McGhee

Even before he walked out on that stage, Jeronelle proved he was hungry for a seat; he’d been closely studying the contestants for weeks, figuring out how to take one of their spots for his own. His artist performance was “Too Close” and it was immediately clear he had a very strong and infectious voice. The judges unanimously voted for him to battle one of the Four, and Jeronelle chose the person he’d said he saw as the weakest earlier in the show: Noah.

Noah was first up, singing “Chains” by Nick Jonas. He kept his laid-back vibe from last week, but showed some hints of determination the stay by effortlessly throwing some impressive vocal runs into the performance. Jeronelle countered with “This Woman’s Work”. The performance was filled with great falsetto, but Jeronelle hit a whole new level when he briefly dropped down into his chest voice. The judges all felt that Jeronelle won the battle, with Diddy telling him he “seized the moment”. The audience agreed, making Jeronelle the newest member of the Four!

MacKenzie Johnson

MacKenzie came out with her guitar and sang a lighthearted version of “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber. MacKenzie wasn’t used to singing in front on an audience, and it showed in her performance. The judges sent her home, but Diddy encouraged her to get used to performing in front of people to gain confidence.

Leah Jenea

This New-Jersey native sang “Best Part” for her artist performance. The number was quite mellow, but Leah’s voice and subtle body language were still captivating – sometimes less is more! The judges adored her, and sent her through to challenge a member of the Four. Lea chose James, saying their battle would be “something great to watch”.

After singing a song he couldn’t fully connect with last week, James was nervous going into this episode. He chose “Want To Want Me” by Jason DeRulo, and brought his signature crowd-pleasing, boy-band style to the performance. Leah’s challenge song was “Call Out My Name”, and while she didn’t move around or interact with the crowd as much, her voice was all she needed to win them – and the judges – over. In an emotional elimination, James was sent packing, but his fans shouldn’t worry; I’m sure we’ll be seeing him back and ready to eat again during Comeback Week next Thursday.

AJ Reynolds

AJ initially got into rap because of the curse words, but grew to love the art form and started writing his own pieces. The one he came out to perform on The Four’s stage was called “Cheeks”. It was quite entertaining; mostly for the comedic value (it did seem pretty…”tongue in cheek” – pun intended) but his energy was truly off the chain. The judges seemed to have a fun watching him, and they allowed him to challenge for a seat. His opponent of choice? Sharaya!

Sharaya started with a special version “I Don’t F*** With You” and as usual, she was ready to eat! Her attitude was on point, especially during the part where she threw out her signature intimidation tactic of getting up in her opponent’s grill. AJ retaliated with a number similar to his first, another original entitled “King”. The passion and energy were evident, but the performance lacked the range Sharaya’s had. The incumbent held onto her place at the table once again, officially making her the longest seat-holder in the history of The Four!

Anthony Gargiula

I’m glad they immediately addressed the elephant in the room of Anthony filming vines with Meghan and hopefully nipped any suspicions of foul play in the bud. Anthony sang “In My Blood” for the judges, and it was a rich, soulful performance. Meghan and Kahled loved him, but Diddy was more mysterious as to whether or not he’d give Anthony a yes. Ultimately, Anthony was able to challenge Ali in the final battle of the evening.

Ali kicked this final duel off with “No More Drama” in a performance that started good, but grew into a crescendo to finish even better. Anthony fought back with a passionate rendition of “I’m Not The Only One”. This was a battle of strong voices, and the judges acknowledged the power of both of them. Kahled and Diddy saw Anthony as more of a theatrical performer you’d see on Broadway or in a theme park show…and it turns out they were right on the money, since Anthony actually already works at Universal Studios Orlando!

In the final result of the night, Ali reclaimed her seat, ending the episode with Jeronelle McGee, Leah Jenea, Ali Calwell, and Sharaya J as the titular Four going into next week’s big Comeback episode. Remember, you can still vote for your favorite former seat-holders and challengers from this season to return via tweeting out the hashtag #TheFourComeback along with the first name of the person you want to see back on the show (ex. #TheFourComeback #James).


Julia Delbel
Julia Delbel

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