‘The Four’ Returns Tonight. Are You Ready To Eat?

theJack Tomas | Talent Recap

Get your forks ready because it’s time to eat. Tonight is the night we’ve been waiting for all week when Diddy, Khaled, Meghan, and Fergie return with everyone’s favorite over-the-top singing show, The Four: Battle for Stardom. Last week we saw Stephanie Zelaya and James Graham successfully defend their seats. Can they do it again?

A strategy we saw last season when challengers come on the show is that they tend to challenge the favorites as opposed to someone they could easily beat. It’s a good strategy as it is going to gain you the most exposure. So, I have a feeling, and the above promo seems to show, that people are gunning for Stephanie and James. Certainly you get more cache if you beat one of them and fans are going to watch those videos over and over.

Who will win? Who knows? One of the things that makes The Four different is that on most shows you meet all the competitors at the beginning of the season. But on The Four you never know who is going to appear. Remember that Evvie McKinney, who won last season, had only come on the show in the penultimate episode and she beat out Zhavia who had been there since day one. So, we’ll see who crosses that stage tonight.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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