‘The Four’ Producer Discusses What Makes The Show Work

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Of all the talent competition shows that we cover it is absolutely true that The Four is unique. Tonally it is very different than The Voice, AGT, or American Idol but the musical styles are also really unique. David Eilenberg, who is one of The Four‘s executive producers discusses what makes the show work.

For one thing it is a game show, though we tend not to think of it that way. Like all game shows there is an element of aspirational thinking and escapism that goes on. Eilenberg says,

“Wish fulfillment is certainly part of it, but I also think there’s a universality to music that may not be true of other genres of unscripted TV. And it’s a collective experience on a very visceral, emotional level.”

But the thing that really sets The Four apart is that they aren’t as pop and country heavy as the rest of the shows. Its emphasis is on hip hop and R&B. no other show does that. He says,

“The other thing is, certainly with Diddy [Sean Combs] and DJ Khaled [among the panelists], we bring the voice of hip-hop to the music competition genre at a time where hip-hop is the number one music format in the world. We’re also on the network of ‘Empire’ and ‘Star’ so it all just seems to fit and is another way we’re different from the competition”

OK, so The Four: Battle for Stardom isn’t burning up the ratings world, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t watching. They are just watching on YouTube and streaming platforms that don’t count in the ratings. The Four‘s audience skews younger and they don’t get their TV the old fashioned way. I hope The Four manages to get better ratings because it is a refreshing change of pace.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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