‘The Four’ Continues To Suffer In The Ratings

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The refrain you keep hearing from Diddy and DJ Khaled on The Four: Battle for Stardom is that they are now in season 2 and they have to up their game. I think they had better do just that or else there won’t be a season 3. The show received some dismal ratings for the second week in a row….like DISMAL.

On Thursday night The Four only managed to get a 0.7 share, which is about 2.16 million viewers. Compare that to The Voice which usually got around 8 million and American Idol which managed about 7 million. Of course there is America’s Got Talent which slaughters them all with 12.5 million on Tuesday nights. So, why are The Four‘s ratings so bad?

One thing is that last season they weren’t particularly spectacular either. They never had huge numbers but were doing respectfully enough that they managed to get a second season. However, one thing that this season doesn’t have yet is hurting it: there is no Zhavia. I know it sounds crazy but I think a large part of the success last season was that people were tuning in to see Zhavia. In other words, they were fans of her and not the show.

But how do you capture lightning in a bottle twice? The fact of the matter is that with a couple of exceptions, the people on this season aren’t capturing people’s attention the way they did last season. They need to pray someone really special steps on that stage.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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