‘The Four’ Is Back Tonight. Are You Ready To Eat?

Jack Tomas | Talent Recap


Everyone’s favorite vocal gladiatorial combat show is back tonight for its fourth installment. Last week The Four stood their ground and, for the first time ever, none of them were eliminated. I guarantee that isn’t happening again tonight. Sharaya J, James Graham, Whitney Reign, and Mr. Guyliner himself, Jesse Kramer will try and defend their seats.

We also got an exclusive scoop from our friends at The Four that The Voice‘s Ali Caldwell will come on the show to do battle. I imagine she will take on Whitney but you never know. It might be smart to try and dethrone James. If she wins she takes his seat and if she doesn’t she’ll still get a lot of exposure by going against one of the most popular contestants. I guess we’ll see.

If it works out like last year, the next episode will be the comeback episode in which contestants that were eliminated can return to try again to gain a seat. Unlike last year in which only contestants that had once sat as a member of The Four could challenge, now anyone who appeared on the show can come back. This is probably so they can bring back Rebecca Black I think. I’m on to you, The Four.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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