The First Night Of The Voice Finale Is Happening Tonight


Tonight The Voice finale is happening tonight. The artists will perform one last time in the hope that America will vote for them and they will win the weird hand holding a mic while making a peace sign trophy. The results will be announced tomorrow night. So, the question is: who is going to win? I still don’t know…not for sure.

Let’s look at the facts, shall we? Weeks ago I would have said that it was going to come down to Britton and Brynn…but I don’t believe that anymore. I still believe that it will be Brynn but I think it’s going to come down to her and Kyla Jade. There is no doubt and no argument that Kyla has the best voice of the final 4. She’s also been gaining momentum over the last weeks edging out Brynn in our charts.

I don’t think Spensha Baker stands a chance. America is not ready to vote for a Black country singer. Maybe I’m wrong but Mel and I both agree on that. Also Britton is probably going to not be in the final 2 because I think he peaked too early and just didn’t gain the momentum he needed. I’m leaning more towards Brynn Cartelli for the win just because she seems more like the type of performer that The Voice fans dig. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out for sure.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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