FIRST LOOK at ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 3 Costumes + Clues!


The first looks at The Masked Singer season 3 revealed some of the costumes and clues we’ll see next year. And with all the hype, we could not be more excited!

Let’s dig into the costumes we’ve seen for season 3 so far and who could be under the masks.

New Costumes On The Masked Singer 3

We have seen a ton of new costumes revealed already. The initial tease was of a Banana costume, which has now been confirmed. We’ve also seen a female Monster (Miss Monster?), Frog, and Llama. And we got a few early clues about the Mouse, Robot, Banana, and Miss Monster during the Season 2 Finale!

While the clips of the Banana and Miss Monster didn’t give many hints, we did pick up a few clues about the Mouse and Robot. Here’s what we saw and our early predictions!

Kyle Montplaisir | Talent Recap Host Nick Cannon with the Mouse from The Masked Singer Season 3

Who is the Mouse?

We got the most clues about the Mouse in the clue package. We saw Nick Cannon driving through Beverly Hills and arriving at a house with a “3340” address, where he delivered the costume. A woman wearing Uggs is seen with a Chihuahua in a tutu. Our own Mel has an idea about who it could be! And she has a convincing argument too. If she’s wrong, many viewers are guessing it could also be Jeffree Star or Reese Witherspoon.

Kyle Montplaisir | Talent Recap The Robot from The Masked Singer Season 3

Who is the Robot?

Not to be confused with the Robot who recently won The Masked Singer Australia, this Robot has some country roots. He walks up to the costume Nick delivers in cowboy boots and a belt with a big longhorn buckle on it.


Then, he tips his cowboy hat at the end. This could be someone like Darius Rucker, a UT-Austin alum like Glen Powell or Justin Tucker, or recent country crossover artist, Lil Nas X. Or someone from the Cowboys football team?

But while the guessing game is already beginning, so is the waiting game. The Masked Singer season 3 premieres after the Super Bowl on February 2nd.


Kyle Montplaisir
Kyle Montplaisir

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