Finally, Trey Songz’s Baby Momma Has Been Revealed —Who is Caro Colon?

trey songz baby mommaMriganka Chawla | Talent Recap

Trey Songz surprised us all when he announced that he was a father! Since then he has been obsessed with his son Noah but who was Trey’s baby momma? We might finally have more information now.

Songz has been uploading a barrage of adorable photos and videos of Noah in celebration of his son’s first birthday, which first of all, happy birthday Noah, a fellow Taurean!

Who Is Trey Songz’s Baby Momma?

After sharing multiple pictures and videos of his son, Trey finally posted a picture that revealed the mother of his child.

The photos show Noah and both his parents smiling big as he celebrates his “wild one.”

Trey Songz wrote on his Instagram, “I’m obsessed; we did that, YOU did that! You’re a great Mother and you deal with all the extra’s very gracefully. I’ll always be eternally grateful to you Noah’s Mumma.” 🙏🏾

Although we have no more details about her available, we do have a baby registry available that confirms her name is Caro Colon. We’ll keep updating as we know more.

Mriganka Chawla | Talent Recap


Mriganka Chawla
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