Fans Think Jeezy Is Sliding In Other Girls DM’s While Engaged To Jeannie Mai

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According to fans, Jeannie Mai and her fiancé Jeezy have not been experiencing pre-marital bliss lately. After Mai was called out for her racist comments, there now seems to be another issue in their relationship. Jeezy is being accused of sending messages to one of his former flames.

Mai posted this video on her YouTube channel two weeks ago. She speaks about how he planned their engagement dinner and the fact that Jeezy is her “soulmate.” But is there trouble in paradise?

Tweets Lead People To Think Jeezy Messaged Ex-Girlfriend Jasmine Sanders

Model Jasmine Sanders put out a tweet that said “you gone regret hitting me up. Trust. It’s quarantine- I got time to hit you with the facts. Like- “how’s your girlfriend? Does your fiancé know you’re sliding in DM’s?- Chill, you got the wrong one.” The fact that Jasmine called out someone that has a fiance in this particular tweet led people to think she was referring to Jeezy. The two have been seen together in the past at an event in 2011 so it is not so far fetched for fans to assume this. Plus, Jeezy is in fact engaged so that was another reason to assume that she might want to expose him.


She also put out another tweet that said “If we have ‘talked’ and you have ‘moved on’…MOVE ON…stop checking on me. Cuz I’m just sitting here laughing.” Both tweets have since been deleted after fans began speculating about who she was referring to. After a bunch of people suggested that Jeezy was the person that slid in her DM’s, she put out another tweet. It says “Jeezy and I never dated. He did not slide in my DMs. Stop reaching. You have the wrong guy. #StayHome.” Someone actually commented on the tweet with pictures of Sanders and Jeezy hanging out. They look rather cozy in the pictures with Sanders’ arm wrapped around the rapper. They do look like more than friends but you can decide for yourself.

Jasmine Sanders Also Threw Some Shade On Instagram

The model posted the following picture flashing her toned body. She wrote the caption “I check all my DMs and yes I deleted yours..” So even if fans asked for receipts of these messages that Jasmine claims to have received, they won’t be getting them. She could have easily posted the messages to prove that it was not Jeezy who sent them. Mai and Jeezy have yet to speak out on these accusations.

People on Twitter still aren’t convinced and think that Jeezy might be the culprit. Just because someone denies a relationship with someone does not mean that it’s true. And without seeing pictures of the messages, how will we ever know for sure?

“Jeezy is whole engaged and texting his old thing (Jasmine) Wow.” said one Twitter user.

“I forgot Jeezy dated Jasmine” said another.

Of course, we just want to know the truth about whether or not it was Jeezy who slid into her DM’s even though she denies it. But, they could have very well just been friends and she could be telling the truth.

This Isn’t The First Controversy The Pair Have Had

In March, a video clip from The Real resurfaced of Mai saying that she “loves black guys” but that she likes her “dark meat on the side.” She went on to say that white keeps her “mean and lean.” This, of course, struck a nerve with her co-hosts who felt like Mai was saying that a black guy would never be good enough to be her husband. It implied that Mai thought white men were superior and worthy of her commitment. Mai tried to defend herself by saying that her then-husband Freddy is white so that is what she likes. The pair ended up divorcing in 2017.

It seems like Mai’s mindset may have changed now since her current fiancé is black. Hopefully, she has learned from her mistakes of making these kinds of off-color remarks because they truly are uncalled for.


We are desperate to know if Jeezy actually slid into Sanders’ DM’s. She has previously dated singer Chris Brown back in 2010. More recently, she dated actor Terrence J from 2016 to 2018 so we are definitely not ruling them out as possible culprits.


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