Fans Explain Why ‘The Voice’ Lets The Best Singers Go

Jill O'Rourke
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Brennan Lassiter performing in a battle on "The Voice"NBC

It can be frustrating to see your favorite singers get eliminated on The Voice, especially when they seem to be objectively more talented than the singers who make it through. You might be wondering why this happens.

As The Cheat Sheet points out, a recent Reddit thread wondered why Kelly Clarkson seems to “constantly make the worst decisions on who to move forward” in the battles. Fans chimed in with their theories on why the artists who are technically more impressive might get passed over.

Injoy Fountain and Alex Guthrie battle on “The Voice.”

Are Some ‘The Voice’ Singers More Coachable?

The user who started the thread shared their belief that Kelly should have chosen Injoy Fountain over Alex Guthrie, Brooke Stephenson over Damali, and Brennan Lassiter over Gracee Shriver. (The last decision was especially surprising since Brennan was a four-chair turn.)

However, as another fan pointed out, the artists Kelly chose to let go of might not have been as “pleasant to deal with behind the scenes,” or they might not be as “coachable” as the others. They noted that the other coaches didn’t opt to steal any of Kelly’s rejected artists, so “there’s probably more to it than what we see on tv.”

This user added that “maybe she sees something she can work with in the other contestants.” Another fan chimed in to agree, writing, “Several coaches have passed up great singers with experience for inexperienced singers that were coachable.”

Gracee Shriver and Damali win their respective battles on “The Voice.”

‘The Voice’ Coaches Want Diverse Teams

One fan also mentioned the concept of coaches wanting to round out their teams, which often means not having two artists who are too similar. The coach might choose to keep an artist with a unique sound over an undeniable talent who’s too close in style to others on their team.

“If you’ve got one tremendous, amazing, soulful female belter, you don’t really need another one who’s pretty much the same, but weaker,” the user wrote. “All they will do is potentially cannibalize the votes from the stronger singer.”

There’s clearly a lot that goes on behind the scenes, and in the coaches’ heads, that influences their decisions. It might seem like the choices are obvious, but there’s more than just technical skill to consider, and the coaches often have a strategy.

The good news is that, once the live shows start, it’s up to the show’s viewers to decide who should move forward.

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