Fans Are Canceling Shane Dawson And Jeffree Star For Good Now Because Of The Truth Coming Out…

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Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson have found themselves in yet another pool of controversy. The beauty mogul and YouTuber has been exposed by his ex-friends for allegedly fueling Tati‘s viral ‘Bye Sister’ attack on James Charles last year.

Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson face backlash after allegedly helping to fuel viral ‘Bye Sister’ video

Multiple sources over the week have addressed and spoken out on Jeffree Star’s alleged involvement in the viral ‘Bye Sister’ video, uploaded by Tati Westbrook. The video, uploaded in May last year, saw Westbrook opening up on what she claimed was inappropriate behavior of beauty YouTuber, James Charles.


A large majority of the claims have now been debunked, however, with Charles maintaining popularity amongst his many platforms since.

Kameron Lester claims Jeffree cut ties with him after he defended James Charles

The first to open up on Jeffree’s involvement in the attempted James Charles exposé was Kameron Lester, a former model who worked with Star on past projects. On Instagram Live, Lester spoke on occasions that he claims saw Star asking him if he liked James Charles and afterward, told to keep quiet publicly about any interaction with Star on the matter. Kameron went on to mention that Jeffree allegedly cut ties with him after defending Charles during the interaction.

Telling my dad I was gay and hiv positive - YouTube
Pictured above: Kameron Lester was the first to open up on the alleged involvement that Jeffree Star had with the ‘Bye Sister’ attack on James Charles

Kameron Lester also mentioned Shane Dawson’s involvement, telling his followers on Instagram that the YouTube documentary star was allegedly “cursing James out” whilst on the phone to Jeffree.

None of the claims mentioned by Kameron Lester have been proven to be true as of now and simply allegations.
Post: The full live stream uploaded by Kameron Lester on his ‘personal truth’ regarding Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson


Ashlye Kyle opens up & shares alleged text messages with Jeffrey Star

Others have decided to open up on their alleged experiences with Jeffrey, hinting at the possible involvement between Star and Tati’s viral ‘Bye Sister’ attack on Charles. Ashlye Kyle, days later after Lester’s live stream, publically shared purported text messages with Star, with a supposed text message from the beauty mogul which read: “Shane and I feel like this weekend something bad is going to happen with all of this…James is playing with so much fire 🙁 Karma is in full swing lately.”

Again, no claims or screenshots shared by Kyle have been proved to be true as of now.

Shane Dawson announces new YouTube project, fans respond in anger due to silence on resurfaced drama

Amid the resurfaced drama surrounding Tati’s ‘Bye Sister’ video, Shane Dawson announced a new project he’s been working on for YouTube. In a recent tweet he announced the new video: ‘”The Demon In My House” coming TOMORROW to my Main channel. :)) thanks for helping me get out of my head when it comes to posting on that channel. I really love the video and I’m excited for you to see it’

Shane Dawson explains why he's creating a third YouTube channel ...

Despite Shane’s excitement, a large majority of fans responded in anger to Dawson’s tweet for his alleged actions behind the ‘Bye Sister’ attack on James Charles.

“I’m done supporting you. YouTube changes you and made you into a monster and I’m really sad because I loved you so much. But you’re just as fake as Jeffree is and ur karma will come to get u soon,” wrote one user in response. “He’s turned into a very vapid and arrogant person, and I blame Jeffree completely. He ruined him. It’s really hard to watch,” they added to the thread.

Neither Jeffree nor Shane have responded to any of the allegations or recent backlash.

Jeffree Star apologies via Twitter but still no mention of alleged involvement in ‘Bye Sister’

Jeffree Star spoke out on recent online backlash today, apologizing for a controversial past project named ‘Lipstick Nazi’. It has been claimed that Star attempted to launch the brand in 2004.

Jeffree Star Responds to Backlash Over 'Cremated' Makeup Palette ...

“I will always agree with canceling the Jeffree from 10-15 years [ago]. That person is long gone. But I’m also extremely proud of owning an inclusive makeup brand where I celebrate all races and genders. I won’t let my past overshadow who I am today and will always use my platform to spread awareness and show inclusivity,” he wrote in a lengthy Twitter post.

The beauty YouTuber and makeup mogul did not mention any of the recent claims that suggested that Star was allegedly involved in fuelling the viral ‘Bye Sister’ video. Fans were quick to notice this, leaving yet another stream of fiery responses on Jeffree’s Twitter.

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