Fact: Paris Hilton Is On ‘Masked Singer’ Season 3 — Here’s Our Proof!

paris hilton masked singer mouseFox

The Masked Singer Season 2 winner has just been announced and as we predicted it’s the Fox aka none other than comedian Wayne Brady! To me, this wasn’t the biggest news of the night BUT the sneak peak of The Masked Singer season 3 is what really has me shocked. Why? because I’ve already UNMASKED one of the characters – the mouse. I am ready to predict Paris Hilton is on The Masked Singer Season 3! You heard it here first!

Watch ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 3 Clues

‘The Masked Singer’ Season 3 first preview with characters and clues

Paris Hilton is The Mouse on ‘Masked Singer 3’

All season long our Talent Recap correspondent Kyle Montplaisirhas been the one playing detective figuring out who’s who but this time I’m excited to be the first person making this major prediction! In the short sneak peak I’ve realized who The Masked Singer Mouse is and it’s…. PARIS HILTON. Yes you read that right Paris Hilton will be “The Mouse” on The Masked Singer season three! Read on to see how i can prove it beyond any doubt.

‘The Masked singer announcing bigger celebrities to come on season 3

If you’re anything like me, your first thought is Paris Hilton has way too much star power for the show, but it seems like the Hilton Hotel Heiress is down to try the show. Don’t believe that she’s on the upcoming season? Here are the clues that PROVE she’s definitely going to be on the show:

Paris Hilton Masked Singer Clues Decoded

  • Beverly Hills Sign: Paris Hilton is a born and raised California girl, specifically the luxurious neighborhood of Beverley Hills. It’s no secret she comes from wealth, shoutouts to the Hilton Hotel empire. But she’s always repped her neighborhood and upbringings!
paris hilton beverly hills address masked singer
  • The numbers 3340: Still not sold on the Beverly Hills clue? In the short clip the number 3340 was shown on a luxurious mailbox. Paris Hilton previously owned a home on 3340 Clerendon Road in Beverly Hills, California accourding to Variety… coincidence? I think not! This definitely a full on clue.
paris hilton beverly hills address
  • The Chiuahaha: Trust me on this, if you know anything about Paris Hilton you know she always has one major accessory with her… a pint sized pup! Paris considers her pets her children and you can always find them by her side. In the sneak peek the small dog is found sitting right besides her in what leads us to another clue….
paris hilton dog uggs masked singer
FOX The small dog in the ‘Masked Singer’ Mouse clue package
paris hiltom chihuahua puppy masked singer
GettyImages Patis Hilton with her Dog Tinkerbell (Chihuahua) – Died in 2015
  • The UGGs: Anyone who’s grown up in the early 2000’s remembers the UGG boots that would go with any outfit possible combo. Paris Hilton was one of the first fashionistas to start the UGG trend as she was ofter seen wearing them. You could spot her rocking her UGGs with a dress, sweatpants (Juicy Couture of course) and basically anything to ever exist.
Paris Hilton uggs mouse clues
GettyImages Paris Hilton was one of the first fashionista to rock the UGGs

Now for the biggest clue of all? 

  • Being the Mouse: She’s the mouse… she literally said it herself! In a tweet on October 26th, 2018 – Paris reveals she’s a mouse now clearly she has the mouse filter but I mean what other reason would she actually tweet this besides hinting to us she’s going to be on The Masked Singer? No other reason!
Paris HIlton tweets “i’m a Mouse”

Paris Hilton’s History in TV and Music

Ms. Hilton is no stranger to reality TV or the spotlight but her shine has definitely dimmed down as the years have gone by. Would joining The Masked Singer be a great way to revamp her celebrity status in 2020? Absolutely. Paris also actually has a history in the music world anyone remember her hit single “The Stars Are Blind”? Now she may not be the most vocally talented singers but she is Paris Hilton so you know this going to be fun to watch!

Are you already convinced that The Masked Singer season 3 Mouse is Paris Hilton? Are you ready for Season 3? What other celebrities will be on the show? Stay tuned because we’ll be keeping you all up to date with all the latest on The Masked Singer: Season 3!

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