Emotional ‘X Factor’ Contestant Returns 11 Years Later To Make Her Children Proud [VIDEO]


TracyLeanne Jefford first auditioned for The X Factor in 2006 but failed to make it past the Bootcamp stage in the competition. She came back 11 years later in 2017 to audition with a new outlook on life. She was going through a divorce at the time and just wanted to make her kids proud. Check out the unforgettable audition below.

TracyLeanne Jefford Returned To ‘The X Factor’ With A New Outlook On Life

TracyLeanne came back to audition for The X Factor when she was 34 years old. This time, she was noticeably slimmer and talked about her weight loss journey. In her previous 2006 audition, she said she did not have much body confidence but everything changed since losing the weight. She had a five-and-a-half stone weight loss which is over 70 pounds.

She also was very emotional talking about another big change in her life since her first audition. TracyLeanne divorced her husband of 17 years and was focused on building a better life with her three children. She repeatedly made it clear that the reason she was returning was for her kids. “It would change mine and my children’s life for the best,” she said before her audition.

She sang a very soulful rendition of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” for her audition this time around. “You’ve got a good voice,” Louis Walsh said. “It’s not amazing but you’re amazing.”


“I like the soul and I love the heart in your voice,” Sharon Osbourne said. “I can’t wait to hear you sing again.” TracyLeanne was beaming after hearing such positive feedback. “What I loved about that performance is that it’s transparent” Nicole Scherzinger added. “You meant every word, you’re so beautiful. I think you’re going to watch this back and hopefully fall in love with yourself.”

She Was Voted Through To The Live Shows

“Look Tracy you know what I wasn’t just judging you on your performance I think you told us enough that I was kind of judging this performance on something a little bit more than that” Simon Cowell said. “You deserve to be here not actually based on your story, not the fact that you were here before, the fact that you are really memorable, likable, a real voice…exactly the kind of person we love on this show.”

She was voted through to the next round of the competition, Bootcamp. Later, she made it through to the Judges Houses. TracyLeanne was chosen for The X Factor Live Shows competing in the Over 28 category mentored by Nicole. She was eliminated in the second week of the Live Shows leaving her in 13th place.

Where Is TracyLeanne Jefford Now?

After competing on The X Factor, TracyLeanne revealed to the world that she was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, the most common type of skin cancer. She had to have part of her nose removed after years of tanning in sunbeds.

“If it was on my arm it’d be OK but it’s my nose, it’s my appearance and being in the public eye, people looking at me, I shouldn’t worry about what other people think about me because it’s about what’s inside,” she told The Sun. “But from suffering from insecurities for so many years, this is what’s getting me down now.”


In September, Tracy teased that she was back in the studio working on new music after having her cancer removed.


Samantha Agate
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