Ellen Joins Forces With ‘The Masked Singer’ To Create A Spin Off

Pablo Urdiales Antelo
2 months

Ellen DeGeneres, our favorite daytime talk show host is known for putting on quite the show. From her hilariously fun games to famous cash prizes, are we surprised TV network, Fox is ready to join in on the fun? Very soon we will see Ellen’s ‘The Masked Singer’. here are all the details.


What is The Masked Dancer?

The Masked Dancer is an upcoming show that will air on FOX. It is a spin-off of popular show, ‘The Masked Singer’ which will begin its third season in February.  The original idea came from a segment on The Ellen Show, which Ellen has previously joked about not getting sued for. Ellen won’t have to worry any longer as she’ll be the executive producer on this brand new show. After all, her show did come up with the idea!

The Masked Singer continues in February for Season 3 on FOX

Previous celebrities that have featured on the talk show segment include Sean Hayes and Howie Mandel. The new show will follow a similar premise to The Masked Singer with the identities of the contestants, revealed only when they are eliminated.

Rob Wade, President of Alternative Entertainment and Specials recently spoke on the collaboration and the upcoming show.

“We’re still blown away by The Masked Singer’s massive impact on pop culture, but when Ellen debuted her own inventive segment, The Masked Dancer, on her show, we were truly amazed.”

Rob Wade

“We are thrilled to partner with Ellen on this new format and take The Masked Singer to a whole new creative level.”

Rob Wade


How are TMS fans reacting to the announcement?

It’s fair to say, fans are a little underwhelmed. Many have taken to Twitter announcing their lack of interest in Fox’s new show calling it ‘repetitive media’.

Sports reporter, Alex Klum said he expects the show to be ‘awful’, questioning the reasoning behind the new show. A quick cash grab?

Others calling it ‘repetitive media’ which undermines the original premise of ‘The Masked Singer’.

Many tweets surfaced the platform taking a hit at the ‘Masked’ franchise by comically recommending some future TV show ideas. One user, Chuck Thomas, mentioned the idea of ‘the Masked Bake Off’. Ouch!

The Late Late Show with James Corden has also aired TMS style segments

Previous talent show segments on ‘The Ellen Show’

It’s not the first time Ellen has taken America’s favourite TV talent shows and created a segment out of them. 4 years ago, The Ellen Show aired a segment starring the famous ‘Voice’ chair. The original video now has over 36 million views. Watch below!


Catch ‘The Masked Singer UK’, Saturdays on ITV.

Do you like the idea of ‘The Masked Dancer’? Let us know in the comments below.

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