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DWTS Predictions: Who Will Be First Eliminated Tonight?

Julia Delbel

Julia Delbel

Sean Spicer DWTS 2ABC

Tonight the first couple will be eliminated on Dancing With the Stars Season 28, and we have some ideas as to who it could be!

Tonight’s boot will be determined by last week’s judges’s scores, this week’s judges’s scores, and the votes cast by the home viewers online and via text. (You can learn more about voting on the show’s website.)

Who Is Most Likely to Go Home Tonight On DWTS?

Top of the Pack

James & Emma

Getty Images James Van Der Beek and Emma Slater on Dancing With the Stars Season 28

James had the most memorable dance and highest score of the night last week. I suspect he may struggle a bit with Latin tonight in comparison though. Still, with his strong dance potential and appeal to the main DWTS demographic, James already seems to be a near-lock for the finals.

Hannah & Alan

hannah alan dwts
ABC Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten on Dancing With the Stars Season 28

Hannah is still my prediction to win it all, she just didn’t stand out quite like James did last week. However, she did show strong capabilities on the dance floor and I expect she’ll just keep getting better and better as the season goes on.

Safe…For Now

Sailor & Val

Tom Bergeron, Christie Brinkley, Sailor Brinkley-Cook, and Val Chmerkovskiy on Dancing With the Stars Season 28

Sailor’s status as “hero of the ballroom” for stepping in for her mother last minute endeared her to the audience, but that story alone won’t keep her around more than another week or two. Luckily, it’s clear she has plenty of dance potential.

Lauren & Gleb

Lauren Alaina and Gleb Savchenko on Dancing With the Stars Season 28

Lauren has a great personality and “country girls” tend to be loved by the main DWTS demographic. She has a shot to win but Gleb will have to give her better choreography than we saw last week for her to get to the top.

Ray & Cheryl

ABC Ray Lewis and Cheryl Burke on Dancing With the Stars Season 28

More often than not, the football fans tend to keep their contestants around for awhile.

Kel & Witney

ABC Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson on Dancing With the Stars Season 28

Kel didn’t stand out last week as much as I thought he would, but I always expected him to do better with Latin than ballroom so I think he’s going to have a breakthrough tonight and stick around a long while.

Ally & Sasha

ABC Ally Brooke and Sasha Farber on Dancing With the Stars Season 28

Despite her reputation as the worst dancer in Fifth Harmony, Ally is definitely far from the worst dancer in the ballroom this season. But for some reason it’s often hard for pop stars to connect with the main DWTS demo and the judges haven’t entirely warmed up to her yet, either. I think she and Sasha have a few weeks to turn it around but she might be in real trouble after that.

Karamo & Jenna

ABC Karamo Brown and Jenna Johnson on Dancing With the Stars Season 28

Karamo is in a similar situation to Ally: lots of dance potential but not quite beloved by the judges or viewers yet. Hopefully he and Jenna find a way to fix that in the near future.

Mary & Brandon

Mary Wilson and Brandon Armstrong on Dancing With the Stars Season 28

Mary is one of the most recognizable contestants to the DWTS demo this season, and that plus her good (though probably generous) scores from last week will probably be just enough to keep her out of the danger zone. However, I’m kind of thinking the foxtrot might end up being her peak in the competition, and everything else being all downhill from here, so I don’t think she’ll be around longer than a few more weeks.

Danger Zone And Could Definitely Go Home On DWTS

Sean & Lindsay

Sean Spicer DWTS 2
ABC Sean Spicer and Lindsay Arnold on Dancing With the Stars Season 28

A lot of people are predicting Sean Spicer to be the celebrity going home tonight but as long as his scores don’t take a massive drop I fully expect him to stick around for another week or two. But he’s still down here in the danger zone because while he does have a lot of people behind him, they don’t seem to be the internet-savvy type which may make a difference considering the voting is exclusively going to be done online and via text without the option to call in that was available in the past.

Kate & Pasha

ABC Kate Flannery and Pasha Pashkov on Dancing With the Stars Season 28

Kate’s dance skills may help her stay on the show for a few more weeks than I initially expected, but I still worry for her because she’s a female comedian and the DWTS audience doesn’t usually show a lot of love for them in the voting department.

Lamar & Peta

ABC Lamar Odom and Peta Murgatroyd on Dancing With the Stars Season 28

Lamar Odom is the one celebrity that doesn’t have anything going for him so far: he can’t dance, isn’t a demo draw, and doesn’t have a winning personality. It’s going to be pretty had for him to avoid being tonight’s boot unless he can somehow dramatically increase his scores.

Who do you think will be eliminated on DWTS tonight? Tell us in the comments below!

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