Doja Cat Is CANCELLED After Anti-Blackness Song And Racist Rants Resurface

Doja Cat Cancelled Anti-Blackness

If you have been on Twitter in the past few days, you may have noticed that #dojacatisoverparty has been trending non-stop. This is because old music has resurfaced where the singer used an offensive racist term. It only led to fans to uncover her past racist anti-blackness comments on social media and in chat rooms.

Doja Cat Was Exposed For Insensitive Song From Her Past

The song in question is called “Dindu Nuffin.” This term is used by those who degrade black people after being victims of police brutality. The song was released in 2015 before Doja was a well-known artist. This comes right after her song “Say So” with Nicki Minaj reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. People aren’t focusing on the success of this song anymore and instead have gone down a rabbit hole of problematic things that the singer has said. This song was only the first thing that had people speculating that she was anti-black. While she has been known to troll her fans in the past, even saying she would show her boobs if “Say So” reached number one, these new accusations seem all too real.


Not to mention that she also put out a tweet in the past saying that her life would be so much easier if she was fully white. More recently, fans accused her of bleaching her skin to give off the appearance that she is fully white. Racism has been a huge issue that has haunted Doja for years, but it’s not the only issue she has been called out for. Several of her past tweets also resurfaced where people questioned whether or not she is homophobic. Doja tweeted a homophobic slur directed towards rapper Tyler The Creator in 2018. In a since-deleted statement she said that she has used that slur at least 15,000 times in her life. This was yet another problematic thing that some people could not seem to forgive her for.

Videos Show The Singer Trolling The Black Community

There are several tweets that include screenshots of people who have had experiences with Doja in online chat rooms that are known for being anti-black. Considering that the singer is half black herself, this certainly has come as a shock for fans. In the videos, she encourages white men to call her derogatory terms and even flashes some nudity.

There are even several screen recordings to prove that Doja frequents these video chats.

In past magazine interviews, Doja opened up about her obsession with chat rooms and how she uses “offensive rhetoric.” At the time she did not share many details about what she experienced in those chat rooms but she did say “people are f*cking crazy.” Obviously, she still appears in chat rooms because one of the videos that surfaced on Twitter was from about a week ago.

How Will Cancel Culture Effect Doja Cat’s Career?

The singer has certainly gotten herself in a sticky situation. But the real question is whether or not her fans will stick by her. One Twitter user said “Yeahhhh this is pretty bad. I get how cancel culture can seem meaningless, but Doja needs help for real. To demean your own people and yourself for the approval of white men is a sickness. #DojaIsOverParty.” When a celebrity is canceled, people stop showing their support for that person. Considering that Doja has recently garnered millions of fans after the success of “Say So,” these allegations against her might actually have negative effects on her career.

Another Twitter user said “#DojaIsOverParty#dojacatisoverparty some things you can’t get past. Be true to your word DO NOT SUPPORT RACIST ARTISTS AND DON’T FORGET!!! This is more than a mere mistake!!!!”

Others agreed that the singer needs to get help. “I get what doja cat did was extremely horrible and disgusting and i won’t be supporting her anymore but instead of sending her hate she should get some actual help. behavior like this probably comes from some fucked up childhood shit and trauma,” said another.

Dojo’s Instagram comments are also flooded with fans who are demanding answers. Many comments say “I thought you were different” or “I thought you were for the girls.” The singer has yet to respond to all of the allegations and assumptions about her.


What do you think about Doja Cat’s past comments? Does she deserve to be cancelled?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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