Dismantling the Fake Resume and Fraud Accomplishments Olivia Jade Used to Get into USC

Mriganka Chawla
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Dismantling the Fake Resume of Olivia Jade Used to Get into USCInstagram

Olivia Jade is nobodies favorite on the internet but now the internet has a new reason to hate on her and we break it all down. Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli have pleaded not guilty to federal charges. Allegedly they paid $500,000 in bribe to get both their kids into University of Southern California and federal prosecutors just released evidence against the couple. One of the evidence in Olivia Jade’s forged resume and fake accomplishments.

In the docket of evidence was a piece of paper that is hard to ignore. Olivia Jade’s resume that lists her as a coxswain. So as per her resume she wasn’t just part of the rowing team, she was in the lead.

The resume also claims she took part in rowing competitions including the prestigious Head of the Charles in Boston and the Head of the American in Lake Natoma.

Fun fact: The Head of the Charles Regatta website has no mention of a “Giannulli”

What is a Coxswain?

A Coxswain is responsible for steering the boat and instructing the other rowers on how much power to use as well as dictating the pace of the rowing. So in essence, the caption of the rowing team. Not sure if the joke is on Olivia, her parents or the entire team that was “lead” by her.

What were Olivia Jade’s Accomplishments in her Fake USC Resume?

The fake resume that has been released claims that Olivia Jade earned 2 gold medals, 2 silvers, and 2 bronzes as a coxswain for her high school team. The resume also mention how Olivia finished 11th in the Head of the Charles in 2016 and 14th place in 2017.

You would think the person writing all this would get tired of bluffing, we are just getting started.


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The resume also claims Olivia Jade’s crew won the bronze and silver medals at the USRowing Southwest Regional Junior Championships as well as gold and silver medal finishes at the San Diego Crew Classic.

Loughlin and her husband, Giannulli, allegedly had their girls pose on rowing machines for their recruitment profiles.

The Charges Against Olivia Jade’s Parents Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli

As per the charges against her, Federal prosecutors in Boston say Lori Loughlin conspired to bribe University of South California employees to secure the admission of her 2 daughters by paying $500,000 in bribe each.

She and her husband, Giannulli, were previously charged with conspiring to commit honest services fraud and money laundering. But now they also face a charge of conspiring to commit federal programs bribery.

If convicted, they each face up to 45 years in prison. 

Both of them have plead not guilty, claiming that they were making a legitimate donation to the college. 

Okay then.

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