Discover Chrissy Teigen’s Hidden Talent on Her New YouTube Channel!

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We’re all well aware of the fact that Chrissy Teigen can do it all, right? After modelling, writing, producing, and bringing us joy with her presence on our TV screens, we didn’t know what she would do next…but now we do! The Bring The Funny judge is going from the small screen to the even smaller screen with her brand new YouTube channel!

Chrissy Takes YouTube

Chrissy Teigen and her family welcome fans to her YouTube channel together

A New Side of Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend make pizza together

So far, Chrissy’s YouTube videos are focused on a skill we haven’t seen much from her in the past: recipes and cooking! So far she’s made pizza, pasta, salad, cake, ice cream, the list goes on. And it’s a family affair; of course her husband – and the newly-certified Sexiest Man Alive John Legend has popped up a couple of times, as well as their children, Luna and Miles. They make such a sweet family and these videos are so pure and wholesome to watch!

Chrissy’s Mama Does Know Best

Pepper Teigan teaches us how to make fruit dip on her daughter Chrissy’s YouTube channel

But perhaps the real star of this YouTube channel is Chrissy’s mother, VilailuckPepper” Teigen. She already has a series of her own on the channel called “Pepper’s Corner”, in which she instructs the audience on how to make a delicious recipe with plenty of fun commentary. Watch out Chrissy, your mother may overrun your YouTube career before you know it!

You can also catch Chrissy on Lip Sync Battle and the upcoming Chrissy’s Court (the latter of which Pepper will also be starring in!) and of course John as a coach on The Voice Monday nights at 8/7 c on NBC. You can also see the two of them take a lie detector test together here!


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