Will Diddy Lead to the End of ‘The Four’? See What He Has to Say About the Rumor

Kyle Montplaisir
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Recently, a rumor has been going around about why The Four: Battle for Stardom hasn’t been renewed yet. The rumor involves how much Diddy would be paid for the third season. But after the media picked up on the $1 million story, Diddy responded denying the claims.

Here’s everything we know about the rumor, and Diddy’s response to it:

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The Rumors

Multiple sources confirmed to Page Six that The Four is on the verge of being cancelled because of Diddy’s high salary. The rumors are that the rapper is demanding $1 million PER EPISODE. This is crazy to think about, especially considering ratings weren’t exactly the best. But The Four did end on its highest ratings ever for the season 2 finale! Still, that high of a paycheck for one judge is probably more than FOX wants to shell out.

Executives seem to agree as well, thinking he’s too expensive. Here’s what one insider said about the rumor:

“The show tried to get Diddy to lower his rate, and he won’t. They’re not bringing the show back because of that. The decision isn’t definite yet, but it’s not likely that it will return.”

Diddy not being in simply puts the show at risk of being cancelled, since he’s such a vital part of it. Both winners have worked with Diddy after their run on The Four. He also brings a producer’s mind to the judging panel. And most of all, he and his energy basically drive the show. Diddy is opinionated and harsh, but not wrong in his criticisms of the artists. He is someone who would be hard to replace, especially for less money. But The Four simply isn’t performing as well as other talent shows, so it’s hard for executives to justify.

Diddy’s Response

But Diddy has denied all these rumors, saying his pay isn’t the reason the show hasn’t been renewed yet.

“[This] story is completely false. I have a great working relationship with Fox. They have been great partners with me and my family, and this is not how I conduct business. I love this show. It is very special to me.”

However this pans out, there has to be more to the story than what we’re seeing. Considering The Four was starting to improve in ratings and made a star out of Zhavia, it seemed likely it would return. But if these rumors are untrue and it does come back, producers will have to make a lot of changes to make Season 3 more successful.

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