Diddy Brings Back His ‘Making The Band’ Energy To The Four

Let’s make this clear, The Four‘s Diddy is NO stranger when it comes to singing competitions. If you’re familiar with the business moves of this successful mogul you  know about his first show Making The Band 2 that debuted on MTV. He’s keeping that same competition energy that he had on Making The Band on The Four.

Back when Diddy was P. Diddy he was the main man of the show Making The Band 2 & 3. Both shows, which had multiple seasons, were about Diddy finding the best rappers, singers, dancer just talent overall to make the groups of his dream. Products of these shows include female pop group Danity Kane and RnB group Day 26.

Don’t believe that Making The Band was just as competitive as The Four? Here’s the proof.

In the above clip Diddy brings in a WHOLE NEW group of guys into the house to battle for a spot in the guy group he was creating. Imagine already dealing with the tension in the house…then randomly getting another group of guys as competition. Very reminiscent of The Four, right?

It’s clear when it comes to impressing Diddy he needs to see how you react when faced with competition. And honestly I’m not against his tactics, the music industry can be brutal and only the strong survive. If you want to make it as an artist, you gotta show Diddy, you indeed want to “eat”.


Melissa Boursiquot
Melissa Boursiquot

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