Did Max Major’s Act Prove Magicians On ‘America’s Got Talent’ Are Fake?

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During episode three of the America’s Got Talent live shows mentalist and magician Max Major promised to blow everyone’s minds. He also said he would tell us how he executed the trick. But, after watching his act, there are several signs that point to the act being fake or doctored by the producers.

Max Major Performed A Sketchy Magic Act On ‘America’s Got Talent’

In his interview package before starting his act, Max stood in a bar and demonstrated some illusions. It all seemed like it was just a fun way to get to know him a little better, much like the other acts. But, it turns out this interview package was part of his act all along. His trick involved the virtual America’s Got Talent audience along with Howie Mandel. Max told each member of the audience to take close their eyes and draw whatever they saw on a piece of paper. He told Howie to do the same, envisioning he was on an empty street looking at an image. Howie then drew the image on the pad without showing it to the camera or the audience. Everyone drew their images.


Max made a prediction before the show, drawing an image that he thought everyone else would draw. Max drew a sun that was identical to the one that Howie drew. The virtual audience also revealed that they too all drew suns. Max revealed that the interview package featured subliminal messages to make people draw a sun. How did he pull this off? The whole thing seemed a little bizarre as some of the audience members could be seen laughing when this happened. We at Talent Recap had to try this out for ourselves to see if the members of our team who had not seen the act would draw suns. It turns out, none of our team members drew suns. We had our suspicions about this act being fake. Of course, our first thought was that the audience members were told what to draw by producers beforehand to make the trick look successful.

Twitter Was Suspicious That The Act Was Fake

There were several people on Twitter that questioned whether or not Max’s magic was real. One Twitter user drew a watermelon instead of a sun while watching at home.

Another America’s Got Talent viewer said her kid drew a stick figure and she thought of a flower.

This of course made people wonder if Max is a fraud. One Twitter user pointed out that a virtual audience member opened up on Reddit about what went down before this act.

A Virtual Audience Member Claimed They Were Told What To Draw Before The Act Started

After doing some digging, we found that the virtual audience member had some major tea to spill on Reddit. They said “I was in the virtual audience for Max Major and I’ll go through what happened. During an ad break before Malik’s comments, Max appeared in a VT.” The post continues on to say “He told us to think of a two digit number between 10 and 100. He then said to add the two numbers (for example 81 would be 8+1=9). Then he told us to subtract that number from the original (81 – 9 = 72). He then showed us a grid with numbers 1-100, in each number was a picture.” This already seems a little complicated for an act that hadn’t even taken the stage yet.

“All the numbers in the nine times table had the sunshine. Unless you couldn’t do simple math it was impossible for your answer to not be a multiple of nine which meant everyone was matched with a sunshine.” The person pretty much clarified that they were told what to draw. “We already knew what to draw before his act so the part about him placing the idea of a sunshine in our mind was complete nonsense. I presume (but don’t know 100%) that Howie was also shown the video which would explain how he also drew a sunshine.” Other people on Reddit said that the audience was told beforehand what to draw but they do not think Howie was in on it. Max did end up making it to the semi-finals.


So we have a task for you guys. If you know somebody that hasn’t watched Max’s act yet, test out this theory. Make sure you watch the full act over on NBC.com and tell us what they drew. We’re very curious especially now since all signs point to the act being fake. Plus do you think this is fair for some of the other acts?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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