Demi BUSTED!? What Started The ‘Demi Lovato Is Over Party’ That Has Selena Gomez Fans Out For Blood?

Mriganka Chawla
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‘Demi Lovato Is Over is’ trending on Twitter after her ALLEGED finsta (Instagram for friends) was exposed. Fans are speculating that it was Demi’s own account ALLEGEDLY that went on Live, and is also followed by multiple of Demi’s friends. The finsta contained hate posts towards Selena Gomez. Let’s investigate what happened together.

Is Demi Lovato Behind The Fan Account Bullying Selena?

Demi fan account and Selena bash account (what is with pitting female celebrities together!?) called traumaqueen4eve allegedly went live and BAM! It was Demi’s face that popped up. That had Selena fans fuming because how could you bully their queen?

There are alleged screenshots of Demi’s face on the live with her face and the account name traumaqueen4eve in the side of the screenshot. Either somebody is very detail-oriented or Demi did this, both are possible scenarios. But it can’t be verified because as this tweet says, “Ok I think I know what’s happening. Apparently she was hating on Selena using a random account on insta. The fans found out that it was run by her (she did a live using that account. Dumb bitch). And now she has deleted that account along with all the posts.”

Now if Demi did do that, that’s a LOT of hate for no reason. Come on girl, you are better than this.

Selena Gomez Has Always Supported Demi Lovato

Selena has always been nice and supportive of Demi. She even praised Demi Lovato’s performance during the Grammys. Fans were quick to show receipts of Selena’s kindness towards Demi.

It’s also ironic, given that Demi talks about uplifting friends and supporting women.

Receipts of Demi Lovato’s Alleged Account bullying Selena Gomez

This particular fan account has bullied Selena and has tried to bring her down with negatively that is unwarranted. Now Twitter claims this account is managed by Demi Lovato. We don’t know about that but this girl on girl hate is just toxic.

Taylor Swift Fans Have Officially Joined the Drama And they Are Team Selena

There has been a lot of she said and she said between what really transpired between Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato but Taylor and Selena have always been thick as thieves.

Now there is a Twitter account claiming responsibility for all this but we are not sure about anything. All we know is that Demi has been cancelled until further information come to light by Selena fans and bystanders are still trying to piece everything together.

There are also receipts that it is in fact Demi’s finsta, check this out. Click on the video and see the followers of the account for yourself. You are welcome.

Now you know as much as we know, which isn’t much ya’ll. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!? Is the account real? Is the account fake? Does Demi control it and was being vindictive or was it a Selena Stan doing all this?

Nobody knows as of yet.

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