David Walliams Refuses to go to Simon Cowell’s Party If This Guest Is Invited!

Simon Cowell‘s long awaited birthday event is still a matter of controversy. Guest and ‘BGT‘ judge David Walliams is threatening to boycott the event if this TV personality attends.

David Williams’ feud with Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan, despite not appearing on a TV talent show in years still manages to create drama! He’s known for that after all. One judge who can’t bare the TV personality and journalist is BGT judge, David Walliams and he’s making some big statements regarding Simon’s upcoming party. Piers and Walliams have never been…friends. They’ve always got themselves in Twitter feuds and although it’s entertaining, it’s so unnecessary!

Wow. If both of them do end up joining the other guests at the event, ‘Snivelling toady’ will definitely be quite the statement to explain to the BGT judge over dinner. It really can’t get more awkward than that.

Simon has a tough decision to make

A source stated that “David refuses to be in the same room as his nemesis, and has told Simon Cowell it’s him or Piers.” Both are good friends of Simon and have been loyal companions on his shows, it now comes down to who Simon is willing to sacrifice.

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It was also mentioned that “David hates Piers’ tabloid newspaper background, and is fairly snobby about it, whilst Piers thinks David is a bit of a duplicitous d**k – nice to his face, and snide behind it.” Piers is also a popular presenter on ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’, the UK’s equivalent to GMA.

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Simon’s birthday party UPDATES

Simon Cowell has been making some changes ahead of the guest list and it looks like there’s more to come. Cowell originally planned for the birthday dinner to take place a few weeks ago however he had to cancel due to work commitments. Many celebrities that has flown out for the event were furious at the last minute changes. Read more about the party including the apology that was leaked HERE!

BGT is returning in 2020! Here’s all the audition info

Image result for bgt the champions stage

Auditions are open so you can apply right now. HERE is the link to apply!

‘BGT: The Champions’ is likely to air again for a second season so check the ITV website for updates and you might be given the chance to become a super fan voter!

What would you do in Simon’s position? Invite PIERS or WALLIAMS? Let us know


Pablo Urdiales Antelo
Pablo Urdiales Antelo

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